Anohana creators announce new original anime Fureru

Fureru is the new production made Anohana creators (Image via CloverWorks).
Fureru is the new production made Anohana creators (Image via CloverWorks)

The creators of the highly-regarded Anohana series have announced a new anime titled Fureru. The film has received a trailer, and a release window has been confirmed. CloverWorks, the studio known for Fairy Tail, Spy X Family, and Bocchi the Rock, will head its production and animation.

Tatsuyuki Nagai and Masayoshi Tanaka, two of the driving forces of the Anohana series, will be in charge of direction and character designs in Fureru, respectively. It is also worth pointing out that Mari Okada will write the script now that she has finished her work with Maboroshi.

Disclaimer: This article contains potential spoilers for Fureru.

The creative staff of Anohana has gathered once more for the Fureru anime movie

It has been confirmed that the Fureru movie will come out in the fall of 2024. Its trailer showcases a trio of childhood friends who are gathered by a mysterious hedgehog. At the moment, there are no more details surrounding the story, although it is fair to say that it will be a coming-of-age movie.

As mentioned earlier, CloverWorks will be in charge of animation for the film. The studio is known for several popular and lighthearted series such as Fairy Tail, Bocchi the Rock, and particularly Spy X Family, arguably their best success story in recent years.

The upcoming film will feature the main creative team responsible for the Anohana anime series in 2011. This means A-Pictures and the likes of Mari Okada, Tatsuyuki Nagai, and Masayoshi Tanaka will be working together once again.

The premise and appeal of both projects

The Anohana anime (Image via A-1 Pictures)
The Anohana anime (Image via A-1 Pictures)

The Fureru movie has a considerable amount of hype because its plot sounds similar to the Anohana series, whose narrative involves childhood friends and tragedy.

In Anohana, Meiko "Menma" Honma is part of a group of six kids who are friends, but she dies in a car accident. Five years later, Jinta Yadomi, now socially withdrawn, meets Menma's ghost, asking him to help her fulfill her last wish. All of the friends try to make Menma's final wish come true. However, they cannot see her, so they think Jinta is not accepting Menma's death.

The story is very poignant and emotional, showing the importance of childhood friends and how connections can last long past someone's death.