Spy x Family season 2 finally gives Yor her much-deserved spotlight

Yor as shown in the anime (Image via CloverWorks and WIT)
Yor as shown in the anime (Image via CloverWorks and WIT)

Spy x Family season 2 episode 5 finally started the much-awaited Cruise Adventure arc, a pivotal moment for fans eagerly anticipating deeper insights into Yor's enigmatic character. Until now, Yor's background as an assassin and her complex emotions regarding her makeshift family had been overlooked.

The Cruise Adventure arc teased the exploration of Yor's intricate past and her struggles, capturing viewers' attention. Currently available for streaming on Netflix, Crunchyroll, and Muse Asia's YouTube channel, Spy x Family season 2 has also been greenlit for an English dub version, now accessible on Crunchyroll.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for the Spy x Family series.

Spy x Family season 2 finally starts Yor's character arc

Since the inception of the Spy x Family anime, fans have voiced their disappointment over the lack of exploration into Yor's intriguing assassin background.

While the central premise hinted at Yor's role as an assassin and Loid's identity as a spy, the narrative tended to lean towards the slice-of-life moments, overshadowing the potential for a more profound character study.

The Shopkeeper as shown in the anime (Image via CloverWorks and WIT)
The Shopkeeper as shown in the anime (Image via CloverWorks and WIT)

However, the much-anticipated Spy x Family season 2 episode 5 proved to be a game-changer. It took a deep dive into Yor's past, unveiling the "Garden," the mysterious assassin organization she had been a part of since childhood.

The episode also introduced the enigmatic "Shopkeeper," Yor's boss, who supposedly also played a pivotal role as a guardian figure in her life. Episode 5 also allowed viewers to gain insights into Yor's reservations and complex emotions regarding her profession as an assassin.

Yor as shown in the anime (Image via CloverWorks and WIT)
Yor as shown in the anime (Image via CloverWorks and WIT)

Yor and her brother Yuri, orphaned at a young age, faced the harsh realities of life. Yor, assuming the role of the family's breadwinner, became an assassin to support her sibling. However, as Yuri grew older and secured a stable job, Yor found herself questioning the necessity of her deadly profession.

Episode 5 beautifully portrayed her internal struggle, contemplating the sacrifices she made for her family, which now ironically kept her separate from them. The introduction of Olka Gretcher, Yor's client during the Cruise Adventure arc, added another layer to the narrative, prompting Yor to reflect on her own parenting and genuine emotions for her makeshift family with Loid and Anya.

Serving as a prelude to the Cruise Adventure arc, episode 5 not only teased the forthcoming storyline but also promised a comprehensive exploration of Yor's character. Fans were left in awe as they witnessed Yor in an entirely new outfit, a refreshing change from her usual appearance, sparking a frenzy of excitement among the audience.

Fans on social sites, primarily X (formerly Twitter), were excite­d about finally exploring Yor's mysterious past, a part of her story left untouched for too long.

Final thoughts

Spy x Family season 2 episode 5 has thrilled fans by exploring Yor's intriguing backstory and emotional complexity. The overwhelming response on social media platforms showcases the excitement among viewers. The anticipation continues to build as episode 6 is scheduled for release on November 11, 2023, promising more in-depth insights into Yor's character.