Blue Lock X Inter Milan collaboration sees Isagi in a brand new avatar

Blue Lock X Inter Milan collaboration sees Isagi in a brand new avatar
Blue Lock X Inter Milan collaboration sees Isagi in a brand new avatar (Image via Kodansha, Inter Milan)

With a club-friendly match between Al-Nassr and Inter Milan having taken place today, a leak showcasing a collaboration between Blue Lock and Inter Milan has come out. The illustration features players from the anime - Yoichi Isagi, Itoshi Rin, and Seishiro Nagi in the team's kits.

The anime follows the story of Yoichi Isagi, a high-school striker, who was invited to be part of the Blue Lock Project, an initiative to create the best striker in the world. Thus, Isagi and the other candidates compete against others to become the best strikers in the world, hoping to win the World Cup one day.

Blue Lock collaboration with Inter Milan sees Blue Lock Eleven players donning Inter Milan kits

On Thursday, July 27, Twitter user and series leaker @RayugaX101 uploaded an illustration depicting a collaboration between Blue Lock and Italian Serie A team Inter Milan. While the image did not reveal much about the collaboration, it did promote the team's club-friendly match against Al-Nassr that took place today.

As for the image itself, it features characters from the anime, Yoichi Isagi, Rin Itoshi, and Seishiro Nagi, donning the team's home jerseys. The fact that Rin is wearing the captain's armband is a clear indication that the illustration is referring to the characters during the U-20 arc.

Previously, a similar illustration was released when Kodansha and Liverpool FC decided to partner with each other a few years ago. Hence, one can expect the new Inter Milan illustration to also be a hint at such a partnership.

How fans reacted to the illustration

Blue Lock fans were excited upon seeing the new illustration as they loved how the characters looked in the real-life jerseys of Inter Milan. They especially loved Yoichi Isagi and Rin Itoshi's new looks as the kits looked good on both of them.

One fan even joked about how with this collaboration it was confirmed that Isagi was set to be transferred to Inter Milan. Given that the manga does refer to real-life teams and players, such collaboration could possibly help the manga showcase real teams the characters could end up playing for.

Screenshot of tweets from fans (Image via Sportskeeda/Twitter)
Screenshot of tweets from fans (Image via Sportskeeda/Twitter)

Up till now, the manga has referred to only a few real-life teams in the manga, such as Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Bayern Munchen, Juventus, FC Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, and a few others. However, neither Inter Milan nor Liverpool had been included in the manga. Hence, fans wished that they soon be featured in the series.

Meanwhile, others were frustrated that no such illustration had been released for teams that had already been referred to in the manga. Hence, fans wanted to see illustrations of the anime's characters in Manchester City, Bayern Munchen, and Paris Saint-Germain's jerseys.

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