Kodansha's new app reveals details about subscription

Kodansha's new app reveals details about subscription (Image via Kodansha)

Manga publisher Kodansha launched its new manga distribution service 'K MANGA' for Android devices on Wednesday, May 10, 2023. The app is also slated for an iOS launch on Wednesday, and is set to launch for browsers "within days." This puts the company in direct competition with Shueisha's Shonen Jump+ and MANGAPlus portals.

Kodansha's K MANGA service was first announced months ago, with sparse details on exactly how the system would function and allow readers to view manga. Today's announcement has shed some light on those details, giving fans in the community a glimpse into the subscription plans that they can opt for.

Kodansha's K MANGA service to launch with approximately 400 titles

The latest

On the day of the K MANGA app release, Kodansha confirmed that it launched with approximately 400 titles. This includes 60 Simulpub titles, with their chapters set to debut on K MANGA before heading to other platforms. The first few chapters of most titles are also available for free.

However, Kodansha also revealed a Ticket and Point-based credit system for the app. Essentially, users get a free "Normal Ticket" once per day, which allows them to read a single chapter of a single "K MANGA original series" per ticket. Users can get three to four "Premium Tickets" per day from login bonuses and special campaigns.

Users can also utilize both Normal and Premium Tickets to read what appears to be a maximum of four to five chapters per day. Users can also purchase points in-app, with every 100 points costing 1 US dollar. Fans can also earn points by watching advertisements or reading the "featured" manga chapter of the day. These points can then be used to get access to manga chapters.

The point-based price of each chapter is also said to vary according to both titles and individual chapters of a manga series. K MANGA gives an example where older chapters of a series may cost less than newer releases. Users can also use their points to purchase chapters in bulk to receive an unspecified discount on the same.

A digital launch party for the K MANGA app will be held by Kodansha on June 22. The app has also released videos that explain the aforementioned Ticket and Points systems, to give fans a better understanding of the same.

The service is currently set to launch exclusively in the United States, with consideration for international releases to come soon.


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