One Piece chapter 1083 (Initial Spoilers): Holy Knights introduced as Sabo finally tells all from the Reverie

Fans are finally learning about what happened at the Reverie after years of suspense (Image via Sportskeeda)
Fans are finally learning about what happened at the Reverie after years of suspense (Image via Sportskeeda)

In a shocking and unusual turn of events, One Piece chapter 1083’s alleged spoilers were leaked on Sunday, May 7, 2023. While EMUNOPLA is a typically reliable spoiler source, the fact that no one else has corroborated the spoilers is suspicious. However, Reputed leakers have since confirmed the spoilers as true.

As a result, fans are now accepting the spoilers as verified while waiting for lead series leaker Redon and others to expand upon these One Piece chapter 1083 leaks. The leaks set up a truly exciting and engaging issue that sees Sabo finally tell all about the Reverie.

The leaks also claim that fans will see new enemies introduced in the form of the Holy Knights, which are likely the forces of Mariejois and the Celestial Dragons who live there.

One Piece chapter 1083 allegedly set to begin Sabo’s explanation of Reverie's events

One Piece chapter 1083’s initial spoilers allegedly begin where the previous issue ended. Sabi begins telling Monkey D. Dragon and Emporio Ivankov everything about what happened at the Reverie, which fans see in a flashback. The spoilers then claim that eight kingdoms oppose the World Government because of what happened to the Kingdom of Lulusia.

However, the initial spoilers don’t specify if this is said in the context of the flashback or contemporarily, which also influences reader’s understanding of when Lulusia was destroyed. In any case, these eight kingdoms refuse to pay taxes to the World Government. Therefore, the World Government sends the Holy Knights to deal with them, with their number said to be nine in total.

One Piece chapter 1083’s initial spoilers then claim that Sabo, Karasu, Morley, and Lindbergh are fighting against Admirals Fujitora and Ryokugyu. Fans see Karasu shooting crows at Fujitora while Morley manages to stab Ryokugyu. However, CP0 then intervenes in the battle, revealing themselves to be in possession of Vivi Nefertari.

The initial spoilers then claim that Sabo says their main mission in going to the Reverie was accomplished. They declared war against the World Government, destroyed its symbol in the form of their flag, and freed Bartholomew Kuma. Dragon then says that the real war has now started with the action of the Holy Knights.

One Piece chapter 1083’s initial spoilers then claim that Dragon says they’ve also made their first move in the battle by destroying supply ships headed for Mariejois. A newspaper is then seen, showing the corpse of King Nefertari Cobra lying next to Sabo. In a flashback, fans see Cobra (during the Reverie) heading to meet with the Gorosei.

However, before going to them, he asks Pell and Chaka, the two Guardian Spirit representatives of the Kingdom of Alabasta, to take care of his daughter Vivi before departing. Vivi is also apparently seen at the end of the chapter while Karasu fights Fujitora and Morley fights Ryokugyu.


Further, One Piece chapter 1083’s initial spoilers have been released in addition to the above. These spoilers claim that fans see good action from Karasu, as well as that Fujitora is seen preparing a massive attack to send at the Revolutionary Army Commanders. However, this attack isn’t seen, with the issue cutting to Sabo before its impact is shown.

CP0 is impressed by the Revolutionary Army’s strength, saying that if they weren’t in Mariejois, the fight between the Admirals and the Commanders would destroy it. Cobra is also seen dead on the floor next to his wheelchair while Sabo stands next to him. The picture from the newspaper also allegedly looks like a real photo rather than a drawing.

One Piece chapter 1083’s initial spoilers also claim that one of the nine Holy Knights “has a sword and looks like Shanks,” even having “the same sword and the same robe.” The sword is also said to be on his left side, just like Shanks, seemingly suggesting that this person could be related to Shanks or even could be Shanks himself.

It’s also allegedly revealed that Karasu’s Devil Fruit is the Logia-type Susu Susu no Mi, which is translated as the Soot Soot Fruit. One of the Holy Knights also allegedly has a cowboy hat, and another has horns. However, it’s unknown if these are their actual shadows or just rough sketches. Hopefully, the verified spoilers for the upcoming issue will shed some light on this matter.

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