My Hero Academia: Horikoshi sketches main trio, reveals Hagakure's true form

Hagakure may or may not be in this photo, depending on her invisibility (Image via Studio Bones)
Hagakure may or may not be in this photo, depending on her invisibility (Image via Studio Bones)

Kohei Horikoshi drew some fascinating sketches regarding My Hero Academia characters.

The series creator rarely posts on social media. Of course, whenever he gets a chance to do so, he often posts various sketches. This can range from My Hero Academia to Komi Can't Communicate. Today he drew Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki.

Of course, he didn't stop with the main trio of My Hero Academia. He also drew Toru Hagakure and Eijiro Kirishima. The most notable aspect of this drawing is that Hagakure is not invisible.

Warning: This article will have major spoilers below, so tread carefully.

Horikoshi is back at it again with My Hero Academia sketches

Horikoshi made comments indicating that he wasn't feeling well for the past few weeks. The good news is that he is now healthy enough to post two different sketches. Without further ado, this article will go over these sketches in full detail. My Hero Academia fans can enjoy them for what they are.

The main trio gets the spotlight yet again

My Hero Academia fans will forever love the original trio. Midoriya, Bakugo, and Todoroki have consistently been the most popular characters. Horikoshi decided to give them a quick little sketch.

Predictably, their personalities are on full display with their facial expressions. Midoriya is overly happy, Bakugo is flabbergasted, and Todoroki is just being Todoroki. However, they aren't alone in this particular sketch. A few other characters join the main trio.

For those who are unaware, the small little critters are from the Chiikawa manga, written by author Nagano. The anime premiered sometime in April last month. It's readily apparent that Horikoshi has been reading the series. Midoriya even thanks Nagano, according to a Twitter translation from Aitai Kimochi.

Horikoshi also drew Hagakure and Kirishima

Surprisingly, the series creator decided to keep going with another sketch. A few Class 1-A students have been drawn like pirates. Of course, manga readers will instantly recognize Toru Hagakure, who is no longer invisible in this picture. However, she is trying to cover up half her face here.

My Hero Academia Chapter 337 showed a brief glimpse of her real appearance. Hagakure has bushy eyelashes, big round eyes, and wavy hair. This recent sketch perfectly matches this particular description. For those who only watch this anime, this picture might seem confusing.

It seems that Horikoshi doesn't mind spoiling with his latest sketches. At the very least, Hagakure is getting more attention these days.

Fans can only hope that Horikoshi is feeling much better

A while ago, Horikoshi wrote a comment in an issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump. He mentioned that his allergy issues have gotten worse. Fans were understandably worried, given the number of breaks he needed to take. The life of a mangaka is never easy, especially for a popular series like My Hero Academia.

Hopefully, these latest drawings will indicate that he is feeling much better. Horikoshi gifted fans with two completely different sketches.

Fans should respect his decisions whenever he takes a break. Even if they can't wait for the next chapter, mangaka are human beings and need some time to rest.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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