Why is Hagakure invisible in My Hero Academia?

Identifiable only by the clothes she wears (Image via Studio Bones)
Identifiable only by the clothes she wears (Image via Studio Bones)

My Hero Academia fans know that the most distinguishable feature of Toru Hagakure is her invisibility.

It's a strange character design, but it's still charming all the same. Hagakure can only be recognized by her clothing attire, such as her school uniform. Her invisibility is the main source of her comic relief. The absurdity of her appearance writes itself in My Hero Academia.

Regardless, there is a specific reason behind her invisibilty. It's not just her Quirk, but also the classification of said Quirk. Series creator Kohei Horikoshi takes great care in building his world, including his power system.

Note: This article will contain major spoilers from the manga.

My Hero Academia does explain why Toru Hagakure is invisible


Hagakure has always stood out for her appearance, or lack thereof. At the end of the day, she is still just a high school teenager. This article will explain what fans need to know about her Quirk and why it's relevant to her looks.

She has a Mutant type Quirk


Mutant Quirks result in permanent changes to a person's body. For example, Tusyu has a Frog Quirk that gives her bigger hands, a wide mouth, and a long tongue. This is not the same as a Transformation Quirk, since the activation of those powers requires a concentrated effort.

With that in mind, Mutant Quirks cannot be turned off in My Hero Academia. Hagakure has the Invisibility Quirk, which is self explanatory. Her entire body is invisible to the naked eye. However, it can be seen under very specific circumstances, mostly with the use of light.

Hagakure does have the ability to refract light off her body. This was used against Dark Shadow during the Joint Training arc. It may not seem like a powerful Quirk in My Hero Academia, but it does have useful applications. Of course, her main specialty is stealth operations.

Aizawa cannot use his Quirk against hers


Erasure is a special ability that can be used by Shota Aizawa, the homeroom teacher of Class 1-A. Whenever he looks at a specific target, he can suddenly cancel their Quirk powers. Fans often ask themselves what could happen if he used this on Hagakure.

It should be noted that My Hero Academia does place restrictions on Aizawa. His ability cannot work on Hagakure, since her Quirk is classified as a Mutant type. Aizawa cannot affect body alterations from the Quirk itself.

Nonetheless, he can still disrupt Quirk Factors, which means Hagakure may not be able to manipulate light.

Does anybody know what Hagakure actually looks like?


For the longest time, fans have wondered if Hagakure's face would ever be revealed. Kohei Horikoshi finally did so in My Hero Academia Chapter 337. It happened right after she found out Yuga Aoyama was the U.A. traitor.

By refracting light from his Navel Laser beam, readers were given a small glimpse of her face. It turns out she has very short hair, bushy eyelashes, and round eyes. Judging by the panel, Hagakure seems to have a light hair color.

It's a very emotional moment in My Hero Academia. While fans got to see her face, they could only hope it was under better circumstances.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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