My Hero Academia: Why does Tsuyu look like a frog?

This Class 1-A student bears a strong resemblance to a particular amphibian (Image via Studio Bones)
This Class 1-A student bears a strong resemblance to a particular amphibian (Image via Studio Bones)

Tsuyu Asui is among the more visually distinct characters in My Hero Academia because of her frog-like appearance.

Kohei Horikoshi likes to keep his character designs varied in My Hero Academia. In the case of Tsuyu, she takes after a frog.

Tsuyu has a wide mouth, circular eyes, a very long tongue, and large hands. She also has dark green hair, a color that is usually associated with frogs.

Having frog powers does have its benefits. Tsuyu can pretty much do anything a frog can do. Whether it's her long tongue or jumping ability, she is a very capable hero.

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Tsuyu Asui looks a lot like a frog in My Hero Academia, but there is a reason why


Tsuyu Asui's appearance is thematically appropriate for her Frog Quirk. Of course, that isn't just a pure coincidence.

Tsuyu doesn't look any different than the rest of her family. There is a specific reason why.

Mutant Quirks are genetically passed down


Tsuyu's family appeared in the first bonus chapter for My Hero Academia. This chapter was later converted into an OVA (original video animation), as seen in the above video.

Either way, every single member is visually identical to a frog. This is most apparent in her father. Below is a physical description of Tsuyu's family:

  • Ganma Asui (father): Literally has the appearance of a brown toad
  • Beru Asui (mother): Circular eyes, green hair, and incredibly wide mouth
  • Samidare Asui (younger brother): Same as above
  • Satsuki Asui (younger sister): Bears a human resemblance to a tadpole

Mutant Quirks can physically alter the appearance of characters in My Hero Academia. It's very likely that Tsuyu's family shares a very similar Quirk to hers. While it's fairly obvious that her father contributed to her frog-like abilities, it's unknown if her mother did as well.

Either way, it's nice to see her family in My Hero Academia. It confirms that Mutant Quirks can play a major role in a character's appearance.

Perhaps someone in Tokoyami Fumikage's family has the appearance of a bird, which could explain his own unique look.

Tsuyu fully embraces her frog appearance


Sadly, the vast majority of Mutant Quirk users are discriminated against. My Hero Academia showcases this through characters like Spinner and Mezo Shoji. It's a major problem within this universe.

Despite these difficulties, Tsuyu is very accepting of the way she looks. Of course, she looks more conventionally human than someone like Spinner. Even so, it's good to see that her Mutant Quirk can serve her well.

This young student from Class 1-A even calls herself the Rainy Season Hero: Froppy. It's a basic part of her identity at this point.

It should be noted that Tsuyu's Mutant Quirk affects her in many ways, beyond her physical appearance and powers. For example, she will hibernate if the temperature is far too low. This requires her to regulate her body temperature with a specific hero costume.

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