Studio Bones releases new trailer for original anime Metallic Rouge

Rouge and Naomi as seen in Metallic Rouge trailer (Image via Bones Studios)
Rouge and Naomi as seen in Metallic Rouge trailer (Image via Bones Studios)

A new promotional video for the upcoming original anime, Metallic Rouge, was released at the LA Anime Expo. The release of the 2024 anime marks Bones Studio's 25th anniversary. In the trailer, we witness the main characters of the story, who represent a futuristic world.

Bones Animation Production, the company behind Metallic Rouge, is reuniting with Yutaka Izubuchi for the first time in 19 years since Project Rahxephon to work on the anime in question. Izubuchi is known for his work on the Gundam and Patlabor shows. Recently, the new anime trailer was also posted to Fuji TV's YouTube channel, and so far, it looks incredible.

Metallic Rouge is scheduled to release in Winter 2024


On March 22, 2023, Fuji TV, on their Anime Lineup Presentation 2023 Livestream, announced the aforementioned title and provided a release window. Although the date and time aren't disclosed, the mecha sci-fi title will be released in the Winter of 2024.

Months later, on July 3, 2023, fans saw a massive update on the Fuji TV and Bones Studio project. A trailer featuring Rogue, the main protagonist was released alongside other crucial information. Rogue is a Nean girl who, accompanied by her buddy Naomi, must carry out a secret operation. The tagline of the trailer is: "Battle girl Rouge's fight begins now'.

A concept image has also been released on the official site that shows the character Rouge clad in a mecha costume. Additionally, it was announced that Yutaka Izubuchi, who is famous for projects such as Evangelion and RahXephon, has teamed up with Studio Bones after 19 years to produce Metallic Rouge.

The world of Metallic Rouge presents a world where humans and androids coexist. It's a story about an android girl named Rouge and her friend Naomi. Together, they have been sent on a mission to Mars to kill nine artificial humans who are considered hostile to the government. Fans can watch the sci-fi anime in January 2024 on Fuji TV's +Ultra, Crunchyroll, and other platforms.

The new trailer for this anime-original title shows promise. As mentioned earlier, Yutaka Izubuchi will be the chief supervisor. Monotobu Hori, who has worked on projects such as Carole & Tuesday and Super Crookes, will be the director of the series. Additionally, Toshihiro Kawamoto is in charge of the character designs. He has previously worked on multiple projects, such as Cowboy Bebop and Noragami. Furthermore, the music for the series will be provided by Taisei Iwasaki.

From the trailer, it's apparent that Studio Bones has provided its signature style to the animation. Accompanied by Taisei Iwasaki's music, which seemed to be based on Spanish Flamingo and Orchestra, it suited the vibe of this original anime. Moreover, the color composition, animation, and character designs also look captivating.