One Piece theory nails how Zoro may have actually lost his eye

The latest theory on Zoro
The latest theory on Zoro's eye just may be the most accurate one yet (Image via Toei Animation)

One of the most popular topics of theorycrafting, debate, and discussion among the One Piece fandom since The Final Sea: The New World saga began is Zoro’s left eye. Upon returning from Straw Hats' agreed-upon two years of training, Roronoa Zoro was seen having a scar on his left eye which forced the eye shut.

Some of the most popular One Piece fan theories regarding why the eye could be shut have centered around a possible powerup. Many point to Zoro’s Asura form as being related to this change. Others base it in real-world vision-strengthening tactics, such as covering up one eye to force another to compensate and become better in depth perception.

However, the latest fan theory posted to the series’ unofficial subreddit earlier this week may just be the most accurate and likely one yet.

One Piece fan theory throws caution to the wind by asserting that Zoro simply lost an eye during training

u/MatthewGoodnight1788's post (Image via Reddit)
u/MatthewGoodnight1788's post (Image via Reddit)

Reddit user u/MatthewGoodnight1788 (Matthew) recently posted his theory on Zoro’s scarred and closed eye to the unofficial One Piece subreddit. Within the post, Matthew asserted that Zoro may have simply lost an eye during training, and that there’s no power ups or hidden features lurking behind this truth.

Matthew adds that this would mean that the change was just for character design, adding that they feel fine with this since it would just be “part of the story.” However, they end their post by pointing out how “it always feels like people want and need more” as far as “reasoning” and “purpose” go.

Various comments on the aforementioned Reddit post (Image via Sportskeeda)
Various comments on the aforementioned Reddit post (Image via Sportskeeda)

It’s an interesting theory despite the mundanity compared to what other One Piece fans have come up with. To build off of Matthew’s closing words, it’s possible that mangaka Eiichiro Oda’s writing style has accustomed fans to everything in the series having some sort of payoff or purpose. This could be one reason why nearly 500 chapters into the post-time-skip, Zoro’s eye is still closed without explanation.

Moreover, this theory puts additional narrative depth to Zoro’s efforts in training during the time-skip. If he lost the eye against Mihawk, as some in the comments section discuss, it shows just how much he has had to learn and how greatly he had to develop as a fighter. This makes his post-time-skip achievements more meaningful and significant.

Various comments on the aforementioned Reddit post (Image via Reddit)
Various comments on the aforementioned Reddit post (Image via Reddit)

Fan reaction to Matthew’s One Piece theory is generally positive, with many supporting the idea and sharing that at this point, they feel similarly about the mystery of the eye. Some fans have even pointed out how, if closing the eye served the possibility of any power up or ability, this would've likely been displayed against Zoro's fight with Kaido and Big Mom.

Additionally, redditors are expressing similar sentiments regarding the King fight, using the lack of a role for the eye in this fight as justification for it simply being a design choice. In fact, there are no comments that outwardly criticize or reject Matthew’s theory, emphasizing how most fans have come around to this mindset at this point in the series.

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