Sword Art Online: 5 times Asuna was legendary (and 5 times she was reduced to being useless)

Asuna Yuuki has many good and bad moments in Sword Art Online (Image via Sword Art Online, Aniplex and A-1 Pictures)
Asuna Yuuki has many good and bad moments in Sword Art Online (Image via Sword Art Online, Aniplex and A-1 Pictures)

Asuna Yuuki is Kirito's (Kazuto Kirigaya) main love interest in Sword Art Online.

Asuna was one of the strongest players throughout the Aincrad arc. As the series progressed, she retained her amazing swordsmanship and power as she dived into new worlds such as ALfheim Online and Underworld.

Though many consider Asuna to be an absolute legend, there have also been times when fans have been disappointed by her character.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects the author's personal views. It also contains spoilers for the Sword Art Online anime.

Amazing fight against Konno Yuuki, killing PoH and 3 other times Asuna was a legend in Sword Art Online

1) She was feared as the "Lightning Flash" in Aincrad


During Sword Art Online, Asuna and Kirito were two of the strongest players in the game.

Unlike Kirito, who decided to go solo, Asuna climbed the ranks of her guild and became the Co-Leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath guild.

At the same time, Asuna quickly earned the moniker of the Lightning Flash due to her ability to blitz other players in a flash. This nickname seems to have followed her all the way from Aincrad to Underworld, as there were enemies who still remembered her legendary status.

2) She put up an amazing fight against Konno Yuuki


In ALfheim Online, Konno Yuuki was known for being the strongest swordsman. Everyone referred to her as the Absolute Sword, and she was somewhat of a legend in the ALO community.

Hearing this, both Kirito and Asuna decided to challenge her to a duel. In the end, Yuuki proved to be too strong for either of them. Although they were able to last until time ran out, they both lost to Yuuki in the end.

However, Asuna was able to gain Yuuki's favor and was offered a temporary spot on her team. Yuuki even gave Asuna her 11-hit Sword Skill, Mother's Rosario, before her death.

3) She was able to damage the Sword Art Online Floor 100 Boss by herself


Asuna was one of the last members of the main cast to dive into Aincrad during Sword Art Online The Movie: Ordinal Scale. By doing this, she was able to catch An Incarnation of the Radius, Floor 100's Boss, off guard and destroy its left eye. This allowed her and everyone else to regroup and prepare for another attack.

Unfortunately, the Floor 100 Boss quickly healed itself and forced everyone into a corner once again. However, after receiving her Aincrad gear from Yui, she was able to perform Mother's Rosario and inflict massive damage on An Incarnation of the Radius. This then allowed Kirito to use Star Burst stream and finish off the Floor 100 Boss.

4) She took out countless Dark Territory soldiers in Underworld after arriving


During the raid on the Ocean Turtle, the assault team dived into Underworld to try and take out Kirito. To counter this, Asuna dived in using the Goddess of Creation Stacia account.

After arriving in Underworld, she remained floating in the air. She captured the attention of both the Dark Territory's army and the Human Empire's army.

Asuna then used Stacia's immense powers to open up several fissures beneath Dark Territory forces, killing hundreds of troops in a single act.

5) She killed PoH using the Stacia account


PoH was the leader of a powerful dark guild in Aincrad known as the Laughing Coffin. The guild was notorious for having members who willingly killed others by surrounding weaker solo players and overwhelming them.

PoH, or Vassago Casals, was one of the most skilled characters in Aincrad and a member of the assault team that attacked the Ocean Turtle.

Although none of the main cast encountered PoH in Aincrad, Asuna was forced to fight him in Underworld. Although she struggled immensely in her fight against him, she was able to kill him in the end using Mother's Rosario.

Capture by Fairy King Oberon, damsel in distress and 3 other times Asuna was weaker than she should be

1) Kirito had to protect her against Kuradeel


As the Co-Leader of the Knights of the Blood Oath Guild, Asuna was one of the strongest characters in Aincrad. She was able to take out countless weaker monsters and entire bosses without any aid.

So even after Kuradeel caught her by surprise, she should have been able to counter any attack he threw at her. Instead, she was forced to rely on Kirito's protection instead of being able to use her own strength to put Kuradeel in his place.

2) She was captured and imprisoned by Fairy King Oberon


After the events of Sword Art Online, instead of waking up, Asuna was forced into ALfheim Online by her ex-fiance Sugou Nobuyuki. Unfortunately, she was unable to log out and remained imprisoned in the game until the end of the arc.

During her captivity, Nobuyuki, known as Fairy King Oberon in ALO, often dehumanized her and treated her as an object.

Asuna was unable to do anything the entire time and was forced to wait for Kirito to come and save her. Although she could have easily defeated Nobuyuki in battle, the story required her to be reduced to uselessness.

3) Every time she was featured as second best to Kirito


Although Asuna and Kirito have never engaged each other in a full-on battle in Sword Art Online, the former is always shown as being beneath Kirito as a swordsman.

Whenever the two are fighting a monster or powerful boss, Asuna typically goes in first and does significant damage to the enemy. The pair then switch, and Kirito lands the final blow, killing the monster.

Asuna never really has her own moment to shine since each time is overshadowed by something Kirito does soon after.

4) She was easily overpowered by the Real Players in Underworld


After Asuna and her Sword Art Online friends arrived in Underworld with their Goddess accounts, the Dark Territory was at a severe disadvantage. As a result, they were able to recruit VR players from all around the world to dive into Underworld.

Due to the overuse of her special abilities, Asuna was unable to take out all of the new players by creating fissures, forcing her to engage each of them in melee combat. The sheer number of troops was incredibly overwhelming for everyone and often brought Asuna to her knees.

5) Every time she was characterized as a damsel in distress


Asuna has proven to be capable of defending herself time and time again by taking on extremely powerful characters.

However, even against characters she should be able to defeat, Kirito always jumps in to take down the enemy she is fighting.

The writing of Sword Art Online turned Asuna from a powerful character who had the potential to stand as Kirito's equal to someone who constantly relied on him to protect her.

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