10 One Piece characters who can give Kaidou a really hard time

Kaidou is highly regarded as one of the strongest One Piece characters (Image via Sportskeeda)
Kaidou is highly regarded as one of the strongest One Piece characters (Image via Sportskeeda)

Kaidou may be the world’s Strongest Creature in One Piece, but that doesn’t mean he is without heavy competition.

Anytime Kaidou fights someone one-on-one, it’s always best to bet on him. That’s how the saying goes for the pirate with the highest active bounty. This monster has truly lived up to his fearsome reputation in One Piece, especially with his efforts in the Onigashima raid.

Despite his ridiculous strength, there are still opponents that can take him on. It isn’t about whether they can beat him, but rather if they can put up a good fight. This One Piece article only includes living characters, so Roger and Whitebeard are left out. Otherwise, they would easily find a place on this list.

Ten One Piece characters that would bring it to Kaidou

10) Fujitora

In regards to One Piece alignments, the Admirals represent "law" while the Emperors represent "chaos". Therefore, the former is considered a counter to the latter. Fujitora has to be unbelievably powerful to maintain his position. The same applies to other Admirals on this list.

Fujitora uses the Zushi Zushi no Mi, which allows him to manipulate gravity. The ability to use gravitational force is a major advantage in battle, especially in One Piece. Fujitora is not a man to mess with, even by an Emperor.

9) Aokiji

Only a fool would directly engage with Aokiji without the strength to back it up. Doflamingo wisely decided to retreat instead of fighting him.

Aokiji's power level should be comparable to Akainu, since they fought evenly for ten consecutive days. The Hie Hie no Mi lets him control ice, which gives him versatile moves to use against Kaidou.

8) Kizaru

The ability to manipulate light cannot be underestimated. Kizaru is easily one of the fastest characters in One Piece. Kaidou will not have an easy time landing hits, so he will have to rely on his pure strength when he does.

Kizaru is also very confident in his abilities, considering that he offered to go to Wano Country himself. He might be lazy, but he takes his work very seriously.

7) Garp


Garp is arguably one of the most powerful characters in One Piece. The Pirate King himself considered Garp to be his rival. Garp also refused to become an Admiral several times, meaning he is at their level.

If someone like Roger says Garp is strong, then it's undeniably true. The Hero of the Marines is on the older side, but he can still likely go at it. Garp would definitely give Kaidou a very difficult fight.

6) Mihawk


Only the best fighters can try and become the World's Strongest Swordsman in One Piece. Mihawk once fought with Shanks in a series of legendary duels. That alone puts him in consideration against Kaidou.

Keep in mind that when Zoro used Ashura Bakkei, he gave Kaidou a permanent scar. Mihawk should be able to do the same, since he is currently above Zoro in sheer cutting ability.

5) Shanks


During his battle with Luffy, Kaidou considered Shanks to be in a class of his own. This is extremely high praise that very few individuals can achieve.

Shanks is one of the Four Emperors, which means his strength must be comparable to Kaidou. To put it into perspective, the Red Hair once stopped a devastating war just by his presence. Even someone like Akainu didn't bother to continue the conflict.

4) Big Mom

Big Mom possesses unbridled strength and resolve (image via Shueisha)
Big Mom possesses unbridled strength and resolve (image via Shueisha)

Big Mom fought Kaidou for a few days, all without taking any damage. She was already powerful even during Roger's time. The Pirate King outright avoided confrontation when he located her Road Poneglyph.

She may be one of the oldest characters in One Piece, but she can extend her lifespan with the Soru Soru no Mi. Big Mom has decades of experience in fighting, which makes her very formidable.

3) Blackbeard


The Five Elders consider Kaidou to be one of the select few pirates who can stop Blackbeard. While his bounty is rather low for an Emperor, Blackbeard should never be underestimated. He gave Shanks a permanent scar, the same man that Kaidou considers an equal.

Blackbeard is in possession of two very dangerous fruits, the Yomi Yomi no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi. He is currently the only One Piece character with this ability. The former lets him manipulate darkness and cancel out Devil Fruit abilities. Meanwhile, the latter allows him to perform massive quakes.

2) Dragon


While not much is known about Dragon, most One Piece fans expect him to be one of the strongest characters. He is the most wanted criminal in the entire world, which says a lot about him. Dragon was also never caught by the World Government despite his threat level.

Both Luffy and Garp have already demonstrated their incredible fighting prowess several times. It only makes sense that Dragon will do the same in One Piece. The Monkey family has a very powerful bloodline.

Luffy's own willpower is also considered one of the strongest in the series, yet many characters compare it with Dragon. Kaidou is already having a hard time with Luffy, so one can only imagine how Dragon would fare.

1) Akainu

Akainu is an extremely dangerous man who relentlessly pursues his enemies. This rabid dog would never stop fighting Kaidou until one of them was dead. Here is a man who survived two direct attacks from Whitebeard himself. Akainu may fall down, but he always gets back up.

According to a Vivre Card, the Magu Magu no Mi is one of the most powerful Devil Fruits in One Piece. It boasts a high attacking power that can get through most defenses. Whether Kaidou wins or loses, he's not leaving the battle without another scar.

Keep in mind that Akainu may also be one of the final One Piece antagonists. There is good reason to believe he will deliver on the hype surrounding him. Eiichiro Oda even stated that Akainu could end the series within a year if he was the protagonist.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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