Void Century One Piece theory proves every fan must watch the Skypiea arc

Void Century One Piece theory proves every fan must watch the Skypiea arc (Image via Toei Animation)
Void Century One Piece theory proves every fan must watch the Skypiea arc (Image via Toei Animation)

One of the most controversial topics amongst the One Piece fandom is the Skypiea arc, and whether or not fans should skip over the arc as they read or watch the series. While those who say it shouldn’t be skipped staunchly opposed the idea given the significance the arc has had as the series progresses, those who say otherwise point to how slow of an arc it is for justification.

However, a recent Void Century One Piece theory may have just provided irrefutable proof that the Skypiea arc must be watched or read by everyone who experiences the series. Although still speculative, it’s a very strong argument that highlights the significance of this arc’s events.

One Piece theory on Shandora’s Void Century role proves the importance of the Skypiea arc

One of the most enigmatic aspects of One Piece’s lore and world-building is the Void Century, which fans won’t fully learn about until what’ll likely be the series’ final stages. Although limited information will likely present itself in the buildup, fans will be left without any concrete information until then.

Likewise, the Skypiea arc is often revisited as a very significant arc to the Void Century, especially following the Gear 5 reveal, which is clearly foreshadowed in Skypiea’s events. Now, fans are asserting that the Battle of Shandora, which was introduced in the arc, maybe the final battle of the Void Century.

In One Piece chapter 272, Nico Robin discovers Shandora’s ruins, finding within the remnants of the Poneglyphs and evidence that the city fought against “the enemy.” This connects to dialogue from Professor Clover in chapter 395, which discusses why the Poneglyphs were used to record history rather than books and paper. Clover asserts that these people must’ve felt their message would be destroyed if left on paper.

Likewise, Robin comments on how Shandora’s books have all been burned, and that the city’s history was erased accordingly. Thus, Shandora serves as a representation of Clover’s words to the Gorosei, which were uttered during the Buster Call on Ohara. There’s also the fact that multiple Poneglyphs can still be found in Shandora, indicating an alliance with Wano. Robin also comments that, in the past, a Poneglyph must have been brought to Shandora for some reason.

More specifically, the Poneglyph seen in Shandora is found at the center of the Great Bell as of One Piece’s Skypiea arc, and is also one of the Rio Poneglyphs that tell the True History of the Void Century. However, the true intrigue of this Ponegyph’s presence comes from the presence of 8 cube-shaped holes at the top of the Great Bell’s golden monument.

It was also said that the Great Bell was originally surrounded by exactly 4 altars, some of which were seen throughout Skypiea. It seems unlikely that the eight Rio Poneglyphs being surrounded by four altars is a coincidence when considering that there are 4 Road Ponegylphs. It’s more likely than not that all 13 Poneglyphs were originally kept in Shandora, leading to “the enemy” invading them in what was likely one of the final events of the last “Great Cleansing.”

This would also establish a direct connection to the enigmatic One Piece character Nefertari D. Lili, whom Imu claimed was responsible for scattering the Ponegylphs around the world. This final battle at Shandora likely took place shortly after Lili assumed her responsibilities as a member of the D. Clan. This is also strongly supported by the fact that Shandora seemingly fought to protect the Poneglyphs, a sentiment in Lili’s known final words.

Thus, it becomes clear that the battle at Shandora was an attempt to respect Lili’s wishes and fulfill her desires by protecting the Poneglyphs from “the enemy.” This also strongly suggests that it took place near the end of the Void Century, considering that Lili left the World Government alliance and wouldn’t take the oath of the “Empty” Throne at this time.

It’s also likely that Fishman Island and Wano allied with Shandora in this battle, giving context to Joy Boy’s apology to Poseidon. This would also explain the Iron Giant’s apology to Joy Boy as seen in the ongoing Egghead arc. Finally, it would explain the “crime” that the Buccaneers committed, such as scattering the Ponegylphs across the four seas in the wake of Shandora’s defeat, honoring Lili’s words to protect them at any cost.

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