One Piece 1032: What really happens to Zoro (Spoilers)

One Piece characters (Image via One Piece)
One Piece characters (Image via One Piece)

One Piece is one of the longest-running animes of all time and it’s clear why. As One Piece anime nears its 1000th episode, excitement builds as fans know the beloved anime is nowhere near stopping soon. That said, the One Piece manga has had a delay in its newest chapter, upsetting fans everywhere.

That delay has finally been rectified, and Viz Media announced that One Piece Chapter 1032 will be released on November 21, 2021. Since the release date was finally confirmed, spoilers have surfaced. These spoilers not only built the anticipation but also raised questions, such as what really happened to Zoro?

This article will cover all released information about One Piece Chapter 64.

One Piece Chapter 1032 spoilers and raw scans

Chapter 1032 of One Piece is titled “The Dear Sword of Oden.” This chapter will focus on the fight between Zoro and King. Although King has a unique dinosaur transformation, not dissimilar to Queen, he decides to fight Zoro in his human form, with his sword.

Zoro taking note of King’s transformation, questions whether he has giant blood coursing through his veins or not. He realizes the importance of this information if he has any hope of destroying King.

Exactly like most leaks, One Piece Chapter 32 spoilers may not be 100% accurate. However, they provide a brief glimpse into what to expect. Matter of fact, raw scans have also been released.

What happens to Zoro in One Piece Chapter 1032?

In One Piece Chapter 1032, Zoro emphasizes the importance of figuring out what caliber of blood King has. The fact that this point is so heavily focused on, shows that Zoro will probably solve this mystery as Chapter 1032 progresses. Although not officially confirmed, the few hints given by the leaks of One Piece Chapter 1032 all indicate him solving this conundrum.


Beyond that, it is also indicated that in One Piece Chapter 1032, King will smash Zoro’s sword. Luckily for Zoro, his sword gets reformed into a black blade. Receiving a new sword bodes well for Zoro, as it’s clear his previous one was far too weak to stand up against King.

Chapter 1032 of One Piece manga seemingly alludes to Zoro's black blade sword having far more power than any other he had. With all that said, it is safe to assume that Zoro will defeat King with his brand new sword.

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