Where to pick up Vinland Saga manga after season 2, explained

Fans looking to transition to the manga after the second season
Fans looking to transition to the manga after the second season's conclusion can do so easier than they likely expected (Image via MAPPA Studios)

With the conclusion of Vinland Saga season 2 last week, fans are excitedly discussing what could be next for the series following Thorfinn’s return home to Iceland. Such conversation has only been spurred following chief animation director and character designer Takahiko Abiru’s tweet that Thorfinn’s journey will continue in the anime.

Unfortunately, a considerable amount of time will likely pass before whatever’s next for the Vinland Saga anime is ready to be released, whether it be a film or a third television season. Nevertheless, fans can’t wait to see how Thorfinn’s journey continues and how he and Einar will eventually come to locate and settle in Vinland.

Likewise, many fans are turning to the original manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. However, fans aren’t quite sure where to start due to some reordering the Vinland Saga anime did in its final episode. Thankfully, there is an easy explanation as to where fans should begin the manga if they want to continue onward from the second season’s events.

Vinland Saga anime fans transitioning to the manga can dive right into the Eastern Expedition arc

With the conclusion of the second season of the Vinland Saga anime series, the manga’s Slave Arc has been fully adapted, and the Eastern Expedition arc has just barely begun. In fact, the final episode of the second season adapts the first chapter of the manga’s Eastern Expedition arc, setting the third season up to dive right into it.

Likewise, those anime fans transitioning into the manga can begin with the Eastern Expedition arc, the first chapter of which is the series’ 100th overall. However, as mentioned above, the second season adapts this first chapter of the Eastern Expedition arc, making it skippable if fans desire.

If fans skip this 100th chapter to avoid reading material they’ve already been exposed to, starting the Vinland Saga manga series from chapter 101 is best. The final pages of the issue will be somewhat of a repeat of events within the second season’s final episode. Still, a majority of the issue consists of new material relative to what anime fans have seen.

What is repeated in the 101st chapter, which was already seen in the anime’s second season, is Thorfinn telling his family about his experiences over the last ten-plus years away from Iceland. Fans may also notice that Thorfinn already has his short haircut by this point in the manga, whereas the anime saw him get the haircut afterward.

This is due to the anime reordering and cutting some of the manga’s events, specifically, those found within chapter 101. For example, this issue opens up by introducing readers to two brand-new characters who are seemingly set to play a major role in the Eastern Expedition arc. The second season finale of the anime series had foregone this to focus on Thorfinn’s return home exclusively.

In summation

Vinland Saga anime fans looking to avoid repeating anything they saw in the anime should start the Eastern Expedition arc from chapter 101. However, fans who are okay with repeating what the anime has already adapted can start from chapter 100, likely providing a smoother transitional experience to the manga overall.

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