Why did Luffy and Usopp fight in One Piece?

A very sad day for the Straw Hats (Image via Toei Animation)
A very sad day for the Straw Hats (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece fans may remember a long time ago when Usopp had a bitter conflict with his captain.

When Usopp first joined the Straw Hat crew in Syrup Village, they were able to help out his childhood friend Kaya. After defeating Kuro of a Hundred Plans, they were gifted with the Going Merry ship. Throughout most of the early One Piece arcs, the crew went everywhere with it.

Sadly, the fun times couldn't last forever. When the Straw Hats reached Water 7, they realized that a new ship was needed. This sparked a huge argument between Usopp and Luffy, which led to a major confrontation.

The main reason Luffy and Usopp fought in One Piece


Throughout most of the One Piece series, the Straw Hats have always looked out for each other. They might even get into comedic spats, like Zoro and Sanji did. However, when Usopp called out Luffy, it was anything but a funny moment.

Usopp fought Luffy over the Going Merry ship


By the time the Straw Hats arrived at Water 7, Going Merry had taken a lot of damage from their journey. It was starting to break down and they didn't have enough money for new repairs. It was cheaper to get a different ship instead.

However, Luffy's decision didn't sit well with Usopp, who considered Going Merry to be part of the family. It also gave him sentimental value, given the roots it had to his home village.

What also didn't help was that Usopp lost some money after Frank Family went after him. If it wasn't for that, the Straw Hats could've repaired Going Merry.

Luffy and Usopp had to fight it out


Both men had agreed that ownership of the Going Merry would be decided in a fight. Usopp knew he wasn't going to win against Luffy, but he needed to stand up to his principles.

Despite his various battle strategies, Usopp still went down to a Gomu Gomu no Bullet. However, Luffy decided to let him have the Going Merry ship anyways. Even by One Piece's standards, it was a very emotional fight.

Eventually, Usopp was welcomed back


After the Enies Lobby event, the Straw Hats finally got their hands on a new ship, the Thousand Sunny. However, after the Marines had arrived, they needed to make a quick getaway.

While this went down, Usopp apologized for everything he had done. It was completely genuine and heartfelt, which is why he was gladly welcomed back into the Straw Hats.

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