Why Sanemi was perceived as a bad Hashira in Demon Slayer

Looking into the reason why Sanemi is perceived as a bad Hashira (Image via Ufotable)
Looking into the reason why Sanemi is perceived as a bad Hashira (Image via Ufotable)

Sanemi Shinazugawa is one of the most popular and well-known Hashiras in the Demon Slayer series, at least among manga readers. Sanemi’s introduction in the series wasn’t pleasant, and that is a bit of an understatement.

Because of the way he was introduced, many fans believe that he is a cold-hearted person who doesn't feel any sense of remorse or sadness. He is perceived as a bad character, but there is a reason why he is a part of the Demon Slayer Corps and is someone that people trust when it comes to fighting demons.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the manga series.

Understanding why Sanemi is perceived as a bad character in Demon Slayer

The main reason why Sanemi was perceived as a bad character despite being a Hashira was because of the fact that he stabbed Nezuko. Sanemi didn’t really know the circumstances, and when we look into his past, his actions would make a lot more sense.


Sanemi had six siblings, including Genya, with an abusive father. Their mother would constantly intervene and even get hurt during the process. One night, a creature entered their house and killed five out of the seven kids, with Genya barely managing to escape. It was dark and he could barely see anything. In an attempt to save his brother, Sanemi took the creature out of their house and killed it. Later, Genya found out that it was their own mother, but didn’t realize that she had turned into a demon and blamed Sanemi for her death.

Sanemi left the house and began killing other demons after realizing that his blood was special. His high-quality Marechi blood had the strange ability to get demons drunk on its aroma. Soon, he met a member of the Demon Slayer Corps and refined his swordsmanship in order to be better equipped at killing demons. That very same member, a close friend of Sanemi's, unfortunately met with their demise to a lower moon demon, leaving Sanemi grief-stricken once again.

This could be why he reacted with such hostility when they brought in a demon to the headquarters of the Demon Slayer Corps. Unfortunately, however, he even went on to lose his younger brother during the fight against Kokushibo and his true feelings are shown in the series. He loved Genya dearly and gave everything he had in order to save him.

Despite the generally negative opinion of the character, the Wind Hashira, Sanemi, is considered to be one of the most powerful Pillars and displayed his prodigious ability against numerous demons. The community's outlook will certainly change as the series continues to adapt the following arcs.

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