Will there be an Attack on Titan Chapter 140?: The fate of Eren and Mikasa

Mikasa asks Eren to wrap the scarf around her one more time, one of the many ways Mikasa "confessed" her love for Eren without actually having to say the words (Image via Wit Studio)
Mikasa asks Eren to wrap the scarf around her one more time, one of the many ways Mikasa "confessed" her love for Eren without actually having to say the words (Image via Wit Studio)

Unfortunately for those fans still holding out hope, Attack on Titan Chapter 140 is one that will never come. The series officially ended with the extra pages for Chapter 139, solidifying the fate of all our favorite characters.

While many of our protagonists achieved the happy ending they deserved, we can’t say the same for all. Mikasa and Eren sadly had their story cut short in the process of the series ending.

While the extra pages may have confused some, make no mistake: Attack on Titan Chapter 140 isn’t coming, as the series has officially ended. Sadly, we can only discuss the fate of Eren and Mikasa with the source material we have.


Will there be an Attack on Titan Chapter 140?: Eren and Mikasa's tragic relationship

What happened to Eren and Mikasa?

eren: are you the bottom of my laptop?mikasa: ?eren: because you're so hot and i'm getting nervous.

The final arc of Attack on Titan saw Mikasa, Armin, Reiner, and other Survey Corps members team up against Eren and the Jeagerists. At this point, Eren’s goal was the eradication of the entire world (besides Paradis) via the Rumbling.

In a flashback during Attack on Titan Chapter 123, we see Eren ask Mikasa what he means to her. In a panic, Mikasa responds that he’s family with tears in her eyes. Clearly, this isn’t what Mikasa wanted to say and she just panicked into saying what she thought Eren wanted to hear.

In Attack on Titan Chapter 138, we sadly see Mikasa killing Eren via decapitation in order to stop the Rumbling and the Founding Titan. Prior to this, Eren utilized the Paths and his Founding Titan abilities to pull Mikasa into an imaginary world.

At least until their meeting in the paths when she finally come to the realisation that she could had never saving Eren from his destiny. Understanding that killing him is the only way to free him from his burden/pain and stop him, Mikasa ends the life she valued above all.

Inside this world, Eren and Mikasa are hiding in the forests and mountains of Paradis from the Survey Corps and the government. Eren comments on only having four years left, stating his intent (in this scenario) to live out the rest of his life loving and living with Mikasa.

This world is what could’ve happened if Mikasa had told Eren her true feelings for him. Essentially, that moment was a crossroads for Eren’s future fate and actions. Had Mikasa professed her love for Eren, the two would’ve abandoned the war against Marley and run away together to live out Eren’s life.

Sadly, Mikasa instead chose to lie and call Eren family instead of her love. As a result, the Rumbling unfolds as Eren foresaw and planned, and Mikasa tragically takes Eren’s life herself.


eren: ...mikasa: sorry i called you an idiot, i was just trying to flirt.

In Attack on Titan Chapter 139, we mainly see a conversation between Eren and Armin inside the world of the Paths. The final half of Attack on Titan Chapter 139, plus additional pages released after the chapter, show us Mikasa’s and Paradis’ fates.

Mikasa buries Eren by the tree he loved to sleep by as a kid. In the months after the Rumbling is stopped, we see her telling Eren everyone’s coming to visit him. We then see a bird wrap Mikasa’s scarf around her, symbolic of Eren being still alive in some way, whether via the Paths or literal reincarnation.

The extra pages then begin after this, showcasing the growth of Mikasa and Paradis in the years after Eren’s death. We see Mikasa married with a family, visiting Eren’s grave with everyone in tow. While yet unconfirmed, she appears to have married Jean in the years following Eren’s death.

"Eren may have been able to love himself by loving Mikasa in the cabin"

We then see Mikasa after passing, followed by shots of Paradis being bombed and leveled. Sadly, it appears as though conflict still exists in the world following Eren’s sacrificial plan. Yet the tree Eren loved so, the one that is now his home in death, still stands tall.

Years go by, indicated by the decaying rubble and growth of forestry around. Eren’s tree stands massively tall still, looking very similar to another tree from the series. A young boy and his dog are shown strolling through the forest, eventually arriving at Eren’s tree. In a shot very clearly mirroring Ymir’s discovery of the Founding Titan, the boy approaches Eren’s tree.

The message here is clear: the cycle of violence and hate seen in Attack on Titan will always restart and continue, and truly cannot be stopped. Sadly, Eren and Mikasa’s sacrifices were all for naught. Although Mikasa and everyone else in the Survey Corps got to live long lives, Paradis and the Eldians were eventually targeted just as they once were.

Final thoughts

Eren and Mikasa’s fate is truly a tragic one. While we won’t be receiving an Attack on Titan Chapter 140, we do have everything we need to analyze their fate and stories.

Eren and Mikasa had a deep and vast love for one another, yet neither was able to come out and say it. Attack on Titan had plenty of displays of affection between the two in the series, but not once were either able to say they loved the other.

A literary tragedy has some aspect of human intervention or responsibility to it. In this case, the fate of Eren and Mikasa truly is one of the most tragic aspects of Attack on Titan at large. Even without Attack on Titan Chapter 140, fans have all they need to fully and critically analyze the fate of Eren and Mikasa.

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