Would Shikamaru have made a better Hokage than Naruto?

Shikamaru Nara, as seen in the anime Naruto (Image via Studio Pierrot)
Shikamaru Nara, as seen in the anime Naruto (Image via Studio Pierrot)

Shikamaru Nara had one of the greatest glow ups, like most of the central characters in Naruto. He started out as a laid-back, dispassionate, and inadequate individual who liked to spend most of his time sleeping, gazing at the clouds, and playing his favorite game Shogi (Japanese chess).

Due to his intellectual capabilities, some Naruto fans are baffled by the compelling question of his competence and whether he would be able to handle Hokage's position better than Naruto.

Can Shikamaru be a better Hokage than Naruto?


Shikamaru is undoubtedly the most intelligent person of not only Konoha but the entire Shinobi world. He possesses an IQ of over 200, which is above the level of a genius threshold of 140.

Despite his lack of required proficiency in Taijutsu, Shikamaru is capable of compensating for his drawback with Ninjutsu and well-versed strategies. Using his clan’s unique Shadow Imitation Technique in conjunction with his intelligence, he has proven to be an exceptional shinobi.

The death of his teacher, Asuma Sarutobi, by the hands of two Akatsuki members: Hidan and Kakuzu, took a heavy toll on him, which changed his whole perspective of being a Shinobi. During the Fourth Great Ninja War, if it hasn’t been for Shikamaru, the Allied Shinobi forces would have faced a catastrophic result.

After the war ended, Shikamaru became one of the acclaimed heroes of the war, who saved the entire Shinobi World.

In the new era, Shikamaru serves as the Chief Aide of the Seventh Hokage: Naruto and the latter is heavily dependent on him. Shikamaru handles most of the crucial work for Hokage.

Shikamaru doesn’t possess the required strength of a Kage, but leaving this aside, he is a perfect candidate to become a Hokage. Shikamaru’s intelligence surpasses both Naruto and Sasuke, who are regarded as the most powerful Shinobis in the world.

However, although he can be a better Hokage than Naruto, he can’t face the challenges that come with the position.

Shikamaru is better suited for the position he delegated to himself to as the Chief Aide of the Hokage. Moreover, as he once explained to his friend Choji in his childhood, every piece is important.

Likewise, he is also as important as the Hokage, and without him, in a way, Naruto Uzumaki, despite being the strongest Shinobi, will become powerless.