5 most bizzare David Ortiz ejections

Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox
Chicago White Sox v Boston Red Sox
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David Ortiz, also known as Big Papi, was as Boston as it gets. The big Dominican played for the Boston Red Sox for 14 of the 20 years he spent in the MLB. While playing pro ball, he hit 541 home runs and 1,768 RBIs. He was also known for his fiery temper that ended in an ejection on more than one occasion.

May not be a David Ortiz level ejection but one of the best in awhile…
"May not be a David Ortiz level ejection but one of the best in awhile" - @ John Luck

Here are some of the memorable bizarre ejections Big Papi received during his illustrious career.

Top 5 bizarre David Ortiz ejections

#1 July 2013 vs Baltimore Orioles

During a game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in 2013, Ortiz faced pitcher Jairo Asencio. On a 3-0 count, Asencio threw a pitch high and away. Anticipating a walk, Ortiz tossed his bat aside, only to get a strike called on him. Ortiz eventually struck out swinging.


On his way to the dugout, he had some choice words for home plate umpire Tim Timmons. Upon returning to the dugout, Ortiz began smashing the dugout phone set with his bat, completely destroying it. Needless to say, Big Papi was tossed.

#2 May 2016 vs New York Yankees

With a full count in the top of the ninth and bases loaded at Yankee Stadium, the stakes could not be higher. New York Yankees pitcher Andrew Miller threw Ortiz a pitch low and away that Ortiz checked his swing on.


Despite seeming calm, Ortiz charged back at home plate empire Ron Kulpa with fire steaming from his nostrils. Teammates had to hold him back as Ortiz and then-Sox manager John Farrell were promptly ejected.

#3 June 2015 vs Kansas City Royals

After hitting a solid base hit to center at Kauffman Stadium against the Kansas City Royals in 2015, Ortiz flung his bat in a manner that did not sit well with home plate umpire Bruce Dreckman.


Dreckman took exception to David Ortiz and ejected him. This caused Big Papi to charge Dreckman and make a gesture as if to suggest that the umpire himself should be thrown out of the game.

#2 August 2011 vs Baltimore Orioles

With the Red Sox holding a commanding 10-3 lead over the O's, Baltimore relief pitcher Kevin Gregg threw deep inside to Ortiz, who took exception.


After Ortiz was seen mouthing some obscenities to Gregg, both benches cleared and both pitcher and hitter were subsequently ejected for their antics.

#1 April 2015 vs Baltimore Orioles

David Ortiz evidently does not get along well with the Baltimore Orioles. On a hot day at Fenway Park in 2012, Ortiz was ejected seemingly on a whim.

David Ortiz’s frustration with umpire Jerry Meals boiled over into ejection Sunday
"David Ortiz’s frustration with umpire Jerry Meals boiled over into ejection Sunday" - @ The Boston Globe

After third base umpire Jerry Meals called Ortiz out on strikes on a checked swing, Ortiz turned to him and started mouthing off. It did not take five seconds for Meals to take exception and toss Big Papi out of the game.

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