“DFA that pathetic ball boy” “Well he is unemployed starting Tmr” - MLB fans react to ball boy distracting Max Scherzer while pitching

A ballboy distracted New York Mets' ace Max Scherzer on the mound during yesterday's game against the Atlanta Braves.
A ballboy distracted New York Mets' ace Max Scherzer on the mound during yesterday's game against the Atlanta Braves.

Something very weird and unexpected happened when Max Scherzer was about to pitch during last night's game against the Atlanta Braves. When he was about to throw the ball, one of the New York Mets ballboys ran across the backstop and disrupted the pitch.

Max Scherzer may commit homicide on this ball boy

As almost every MLB fan knows, Scherzer is one of the craziest players in the league. He does not like anything that disrupts his pitching tempo, and the ball boy definitely did.

@JomboyMedia The BB will be working at Dunkin Donuts by tomorrow afternoon.

As soon as Major League Baseball fans saw this happen, they immediately speculated what will happen to the ball boy.

@JomboyMedia DFA that pathetic ball boy
@JomboyMedia Well he is unemployed starting Tmr
@JomboyMedia Ok , just move on . Not that big a deal . Not a Scherzer fan here anyway . Wish he would have been mid throw before stopping and snapped a tendon. Guys a bully

Some were confused whether this is a balk or not. Since there was nobody on the base paths, this does not count as a balk. However, it could have been ruled an illegal pitch, since Scherzer did not continue his motion. Since the ball boy was an outside factor, it is likely that the umpire just ruled it a no pitch.

@JomboyMedia Obvious balk but it’s the Mets so they don’t call it
@SirIrate @JomboyMedia A balk is an attempt to deceive the runner. The bases are empty, it’s not a balk.

This did not stop Scherzer from pitching a great game last night. Scherzer kept the Atlanta Braves scoreless through seven innings pitched, striking out 11. He gave up just four hits, and earned his eighth win on the mound this year.

@JomboyMedia Damn! Are the Mets playing the Bad news Braves this game?

Although he did suffer injuries midway through the year, Max Scherzer has been nothing short of dominant this season. He has really helped the Mets pitching rotation become one of the best in the MLB.

Max Scherzer is still an elite pitcher, even at 38 years old

New York Mets v Chicago Cubs - Game Two
New York Mets v Chicago Cubs - Game Two

Just 11 days ago was Max Scherzer's 38th birthday, and he is still as good as ever. Through 15 starts with the Mets this season, Scherzer is 8-2 with just a 1.98 ERA and a ridiclously low 0.899 WHIP. He also has 120 strikeouts in 95.2 innings pitched this season. If an injury had not sidelined him for two months, he would be in the conversation for the National League Cy Young Award.

He has been part of an elite Mets team this season. The New York Mets currently have a record of 69-39, which leads the NL East. They are 5.5 games ahead of the Atlanta Braves and look like a shoo-in for this year's playoffs. If the Mets can keep it up, they could be this year's World Champions.

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