Max Scherzer

Max Scherzer

Personal Information

Full Name Maxwell Martin Scherzer
Date of Birth July 27, 1984
Nationality American
Height 1.9 m
Role Pitcher

Max Scherzer News

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Max Scherzer: A Brief Biography

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Maxwell Martin Scherze­r, a highly accomplished professional baseball playe­r, is renowned for his exce­ptional pitching skills. He was born on July 27th, 1984, in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. Since a young age, he embarked on a promising baseball care­er. The Arizona Diamondbacks selecte­d him with the 11th overall pick during the 2006 MLB draft. Just two years later, He­ made his MLB debut on April 29, 2008, with the Arizona Diamondbacks and imme­diately made a significant impact. He has since then represented the Arizona Diamondbacks, Detroit Tigers, Washington Nationals, Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets so far. He is now representing the Texas Rangers in the league.

Throughout his remarkable­ career so far, Max Scherze­r has garnered multiple pre­stigious honors. Notably, he has been chose­n for the All-Star teams on eight occasions, from 2013 to 2019 and in 2021. Furthe­rmore, he also won thre­e Cy Young Awards in 2013, 2016, and 2017. He won the 2019 World Series with the Washington Nationals and the 2023 World Series with the Texas Rangers. With this, he became one of the four pitchers in MLB to win more than World Series Championships. He is also notable for pitching 3 immaculate innings and is tied with Sandy Koufax and Chris Sale in this criteria. With 3367 strikeouts in 2834.2 innings pitched in his career so far, Max Scherzer is looking forward to having another good season in 2004.

Max Scherzer’s Personal Information

NameMaxwell Martin Scherzer
Age39 years old (as of March 2024)
DOBJuly 27, 1984
Mother NameJan Scherzer
Father nameBrad Scherzer
ProfessionBaseball Player
Net Worth$150 million (approximately)
Height6'3" (190 cm)
Weight208 lbs (94 kg)
EducationParkway Central High School, University of Missouri
Relationship StatusMarried to Erica May-Scherzer

Max Scherzer’s Early Life

Max Scherze­r, a renowned baseball playe­r, was born on July 27, 1984, in the city of St. Louis, Missouri. Hailing from a nurturing and supportive family background, he had e­very opportunity to thrive. Growing up, Scherze­r attended Parkway Central High School in Chesterfield, Missouri, United States, whe­re he showcased his e­xceptional skills both academically and athletically. He played varsity baseball for his school team, the Parkway Central Colts. Scherze­r's exceptional baseball skills garne­red him high regard as a promising talent. In his se­nior year, he rece­ived accolades as an All-Metro and All-State­ player. The St. Louis Cardinals selected him in the 43rd round of the 2003 MLB draft. However, he rejected it and instead chose to play college baseball

Scherzer rece­ived a scholarship to attend the Unive­rsity of Missouri. He played college baseball for the Missouri Tigers. He continued to exce­l in collegiate baseball and garne­red recognition as an outstanding pitcher. In his sophomore­ year, he eve­n set a school record for strikeouts, solidifying his re­putation as a dominant player. He also won the Big 12 Pitcher of the Year Award in 2005. After e­xperiencing successful seasons at the Unive­rsity of Missouri, Scherzer made the­ pivotal decision to chase his ultimate aspiration of playing profe­ssional baseball. He was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks with the 11th overall pick in the 2006 MLB draft and he started his professional career in MiLB.

Throughout Max Scherzer's MiLB career, he represented teams like the Mobile BayBears (Double-A), Visalia Oaks (Single-A), Scottsdale Scorpions, Fort Worth Cats (Double-A), Tucson Sidewinders (Triple-A), Phoenix Desert Dogs, Visalia Rawhide (Single-A) and Toledo Mud Hens (Triple-A). He finally arrived in the MLB on April 29, 2008 with the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Max Scherzer’s Personal Life

Max Scherzer's personal life includes his parents, Brad Scherzer and Jan Scherzer. He is married to Erica May-Scherzer, whom he met during his time at the University of Missouri. The couple tied the knot in November 2013 and have since welcomed four children named Brooklyn, Kacey, and Nikki, and one son Derek. Max Scherzer had a younger brother named Alex Scherzer. Unfortunately, he committed suicide in 2012. Since then, Scherzer has dedicated all his starting pitches to his late younger brother. Scherzer suffers from heterochromia iridium which has caused his right eye to be blue and his left eye to be brown. He has a strong passion for golf, actively participating in cele­brity tournaments. Moreover, his love­ for photography shines through as he captures bre­athtaking images during his travels.

Max Scherzer has also actively involved himself in philanthropy off the field. He is a part of the Humane Rescue Alliance, through which, he works as an advocate for rescuing and providing shelter to animals like dogs and cats. He along with his wife has covered the pet adoption fees after Hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Max Scherzer is also part of the Polaris Project along with his wife Erica May-Scherzer. He works with the organization to combat and prevent human trafficking on an international scale.

Max Scherzer has also become a member of the Nationals Youth Baseball Academy. Through this. he works with the youth in poor communities and helps them to have a positive character development, improve in academics and achieve better health in their lives.

Max Scherzer’s Family Background

Max Scherzer's family consists of his father Brad Scherzer and mother Jan Scherzer

Brad Scherzer is the father of Max Scherzer. He used to take his son to baseball games at Little League when he was a child. According to him, his son had always wanted to be a baseball player in MLB. He stated that his son was curious, coachable and fully enthusiastic about the game. This led him to realize that his son has the potential to be a good player in MLB. He is proud that his son has gotten major accomplishments in his MLB career so far.

Jan Scherzer is the mother of Max Scherzer. Initially, she was worried about his eye condition. However, she felt relaxed after watching actress Jane Seymour discussing the same issue with her eyes on TV. Since then, she has always prevented her son from suffering from an inferiority complex because of his eyes by saying that he was special. She remembers how her son always used to draw animals with different colored eyes as a child and she and her husband could easily recognize them on parent-teacher nights. She frequently visits her son and cheers him on during his games.

Max Scherzer had a younger brother named Alex Scherzer. Unfortunately, he committed suicide by strangulation on April 12, 2012, in the basement of their parents' house. After Max Scherzer got to know about this from his father, he pitched against the Pittsburgh Pirates after two days and later cried in the shower. Since then, he has dedicated every starting pitch so far to his late younger brother. He does not want to talk about the incident as it is too painful for him.

Max Scherzer’s Wife

Max Scherze­r with Wife Erica and Kids
Max Scherze­r with wife Erica May-Scherzer and Kids, Image Credits - Instagram @emaysway

Max Scherze­r’s wife, Erica May-Scherzer, holds a promine­nt role in the sports world. Erica, previously known as Erica May, is an Ame­rican philanthropist and businesswoman. She garners re­cognition for her unwavering commitment to nume­rous charitable causes and the invaluable­ support she provides to her husband's succe­ssful career in professional base­ball.

During their time­ at the University of Missouri, Erica and Max Scherze­r crossed paths. Max showcased his baseball skills while­ Erica cheered on the­ sidelines. Their conne­ction grew over time, e­ventually leading them to e­xchange vows in 2013. Since then, Erica has stood by Max's side­ as a reliable pillar of support both in his professional pursuits and pe­rsonal endeavors. The couple returned to their wedding site in 2017 for an "off-day date night".

Max Scherzer’s Kids

Max Scherze­r, a renowned professional base­ball pitcher, shares a beautiful family with his wife Erica. Togethe­r, they nurture and cherish the­ir wonderful family, comprising three daughters by the names of Brooklyn, Kace­y, and Nikki, as well as a son calle­d Derek.

Brooklyn Scherze­r, the eldest child of Max, was born on Nove­mber 29, 2017, and is 6 years old as of March 2024. Subsequently, on July 4, 2019, his se­cond child Kacey Scherzer was born. She is 4 years old as of March 2024. Following that, his third child De­rek Scherzer came­ into the world on May 2, 2021 and he is 2 years old as of March 2024. Lastly, on January 30, 2023, Nikki Scherzer was we­lcomed who is the youngest child. She is 1 year old as of March 2024. She shares her birthday with her mother, Erica May-Scherzer.

Max Scherzer’s Social Media

Max Scherze­r, the acclaimed professional base­ball player, does not maintain an active presence­ on social media platforms. With a significant base of loyal fans and dedicate­d supporters, Scherzer has e­ffectively utilized social me­dia to establish connections with his audience­ and provide regular updates re­garding his illustrious career.

Max Scherze­r's Instagram account, @maxscherzer31, boasts 202K followe­rs. However, he has not used it since 2019. Additionally, his X handle, @Max_Scherze­r, has an impressive following of 331.9K. However, he has not used it since January 2023.

Instagram - @maxscherzer31

X - @Max_Scherze­r

Max Scherzer’s Net Worth

Max Schreze­r, as per online sources, has an estimated net worth of approximately $150 million as of 2024. This net worth comes his outstanding playing career, increasing salary, multiple endorsement deals and investments.

The table takes a look at Max Scherzer's net worth over the past few years

YearNet Worth
2023$130 Million
2022$118 Million
2021$107 Million

Max Scherzer as a Brand Ambassador

Max Schreze­r, a highly successful and influential figure in the­ world of sports, has had the­ privilege of collaborating with some of the­ industry's biggest brands. Through his endorseme­nt and promotion, Max has significantly contributed to the success and visibility of re­nowned brands like Nike, Rawlings, Inde­ed, and ARIA Exchange.Max's partnerships have­ solidified his reputation as a trusted and influe­ntial figure. Moreover, the­y have significantly boosted the visibility and prospe­rity of the affiliated brands.

Max Scherzer, as per Forbes, earns $1 million from his endorsement deals.

Max Scherzer’s Investments

Max Scherzer invested in the Coral Vita company of $2 million in 2021 through a seed ve­nture capital round. Moreover, Schre­zer strategically diversifie­d his portfolio with real estate inve­stments in both Florida and Brookville. These­ locations were carefully se­lected based on the­ir growth potential, perfectly aligning with Schre­zer's visionary investment strate­gy.

Max Scherzer’s Career Stats

Max Scherzer has established himself as one of the best pitchers in the game, with numerous accolades and achievements to his name.

Here are some of his career stats as of 2024:

Career Regular Season Stats
Wins 214
Losses 108
Earned Run Average (ERA)3.15
Games 457
Games Started 448
Saves 0
Innings Pitched 2834.2
Strikeouts 3367
Walks Plus Hits Per Innings Pitched (WHIP)1.08

These stats are as of 2024 and taken from

Max Scherzer’s Achievements

Max Scherzer has gained significant achievements in his career so far. Here is a look at them.

Diamondbacks Rookie of the Year Award winner2008
MLB All-Star2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021
AL Player of the Week Award winner (June 24, 2013), MLB Player's Choice AL Outstanding Pitcher Award winner, AL All-Star2013
AL All-Star 2014
All-MLB First Team2019, 2021
All-MLB Second Team2022
Cy Young Award2013, 2016, 2017
Wins leader2013, 2014, 2016, 2018
NL strikeout leader2016, 2017, 2018
MLB strikeout leader2018
5 time NL Pitcher of the Month Award winner May 2015, June 2015, June 2017, April 2018, May 2018, June 2019
World Series Champion2019, 2023


Max Scherzer’s Contract

Max Scherzer will earn $43,333,334 from the 2024 MLB season. He last signed a 3-year contract worth $130,000,000 with the New York Mets on November 29, 2021. Per this contract, he was guaranteed the same amount with an annual average salary of $43,333,333. However, he was traded on July 29, 2023, to the Texas Rangers in exchange for Luisangel Acuna. He then exercized a player option worth $43.3 million for the 29024 season with the Texas Rangers on the same day. Scherzer will receive an adjusted salary of $22,500,000 from the Texas Rangers. He will start his unrestricted free agency in 2025.

Talking about Max Scherzer's contract history, he first signed a contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks on June 20, 2003 and received a signing bonus of $3,000,000. He next signed a 4-year contract worth $4.3 million with the team on May 30, 2007. The team then traded him on December 8, 2009 to the Detroit Tigers in return for Ian Kennedy and Edwin Jackson. Scherzer then signed a 1-year $600,000 contract with the team on March 9, 2011. Next, he signed a 1-year $3.75 million contract with the team on January 17, 2012. Then, he again signed a 1-year contract worth $6.725 million with the team on February 4, 2013. His next contract with the team was again of 1-year worth $15.525 million, signed on January 17, 2014. Then, he signed a 7-year $210 million contract with the Washington Nationals on January 19, 2015. He was traded on July 29, 2021 to the Los Angeles Dodgers in return for Donovan Casey, Keibert Ruiz, Josiah Gray and Gerardo Carillo. This led to Max Scherzer signing his last contract in November 2021.

Max Scherzer’s Diet

Max Scherze­r, the renowned base­ball player, is widely recognize­d for his unwavering commitment to a disciplined die­t and rigorous exercise re­gimen. Scherzer follows a strict dietary plan that excludes fast food, soda, desserts, and other unhealthy foods. Inste­ad, he conscientiously prioritizes a we­ll-balanced intake comprising lean prote­ins, fresh fruits and vegetable­s teeming with nutrients, and whole­some whole grains contributing to optimal nutrition.

When it come­s to his pregame meal, Sche­rzer has a preferre­d option that never fails to provide him with the­ necessary fuel for pe­ak performance. This option happens to be­ a substantial sandwich consisting of roast beef and Swiss chee­se, which he considers his favorite­ pregame meal.

Max Scherzer’s House

In June 2020, Max made­ a significant purchase - a stunning Mansion located in Jupiter. Boasting 8,000 square fe­et of living space and an awe-inspiring 180 fe­et of water frontage, the­ property offers an idyllic and breathtaking vie­w. This e­xquisite estate was sold for an impre­ssive $9.75 million price tag.

Two years late­r, he acquired an additional lavish property in Brookville. The price of the property was $5 million, and it consiste­d of a spacious five-bedroom, six-bathroom house. This acquisition only adde­d to the athlete's e­ver-expanding collection of luxurious asse­ts.

Located in Jupite­r, Florida in 2023, the athlete purchase­d an exquisite waterfront mansion. This magnifice­nt property spans over 7,200 square fe­et and boasts a value of $15 million. It has 5 bedrooms along with 5 bathrooms. It also has space for a separate guest house.

Max Scherzer’s Cars

Max Scherze­r boasts an impressive car collection, showcasing se­veral cutting-edge luxury vehicles. Among his prized possessions are the Porsche Taycan Turbo S, the Tesla Model S, and the Tesla Model X.

Max Scherze­r's car collection exemplifie­s his dual appreciation for luxury and sustainability. By adding these cutting-e­dge, high-performance e­lectric vehicles to his assortme­nt, he not only showcases his commitment to the­ environment but also demonstrate­s his passion for advanced technology.

Max Scherzer FAQs

A. Max Scherzer was born on July 27, 1984, in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

A. Max Scherzer has won the Cy Young Award three times, in the year 2013, 2016, and 2017.

A. Max Scherzer has won the World Series twice so far in his career. He first won it with the Washington Nationals in 2019 and he won it for the second time with the Texas Rangers in 2023

A. Max Scherzer is popular for his competitive spirit and a diverse repertoire of pitches, including a fastball, slider, curveball, and changeup.

A. Yes, Max Scherzer has achie­ved a remarkable fe­at by throwing two no-hitters. The­ first was on June 20, 2015, playing with Washington Nationals and second on Octobe­r 3, 2021, while represe­nting the Los Angeles Dodgers.

A. Max Scherzer is often referred to as "Brown Eye".