MLB Sorare: Complete eligibility criteria to participate in tournaments in the Fantasy Baseball Game

Sorare Fantasy is changing the fantasy baseball world
Sorare Fantasy is changing the fantasy baseball world

MLB Sorare has started hosting tournaments. Below is all the information you need to compete in each tournament. The Common All-Star tournament is fully free-to-play and open to anybody as only common cards are allowed. When you win tournaments, you can win rarer and rarer cards. These cards give you access to higher level tournaments.

These cards are quickly becoming highly sought after. Improving your deck is the best way to gain eligiblity in higher level tournaments. The five different tournaments are Common All-Star, Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique.

Sorare provides an easy to understand graphic with instructions for how to build your team for Rare All-Star tournaments via Twitter.

"A helpful visual for our Rare All Star competitions" - MLB Sorare

Participating in tournaments is the best way to enjoy and win Sorare Fantasy Baseball. Therefore, it's important to know when you're eligible.

Stacking your team with MLB stars is the best way to win tournaments and improve your team

Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees
Seattle Mariners v New York Yankees

Being able to find players like Aaron Judge or Mike Trout would be a great way to win. Yet like the real world, a team with depth and quality across the board will find the most success.

Sorare tweeted this graphic of the lineup recently used by a Limited tournament winner to show what it takes.

"Props to Mattcr7 on a 1st-place finish in our Limited All Star competition with a well-balanced lineup!" - Sorare MLB

Sorare Fantasy is taking the fantasy baseball world by storm with its NFT features, and now is the best time to get involved.

For further details on Sorare's Rare NFTs visit: Sorare: Own Your Game

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