"Are the plans not viable or is it that the ownership’s not viable?” - Oakland Mayor raises questions about John Fisher's relocation plan

Oakland Mayor raises questions about John Fisher's relocation plan

Sheng Thao, mayor of the city of Oakland in California, says that authorities in Las Vegas and Nevada are starting to realize what she has known for a while.

She said that it's challenging to make Oakland Athletics owner John Fisher understand the mighty obstacles en route creating a new ballpark for the Athletics in Las Vegas.

"We’re seeing that he has the same issues going to Las Vegas," Thao said (via The Athletic).
"There was a thought that this plan he had in the beginning was viable. And now we’re seeing that actually, maybe the plan isn’t viable. The question becomes, are the plans not viable or is it that the ownership’s not viable?"

In response to questions on the Oakland A's potential move to Las Vegas, Thao said that she has been in talks with potential purchasers about constructing a new ballpark at Howard Terminal or the Oakland Coliseum, where the team is located.

One of the many obstacles to the Athletics' proposed move to Vegas is the absence of government backing. Sheng Thao said that she hasn't spoken to Commissioner Manfred since July and with John Fisher since April. That's one of the reasons why few believe that Oakland would halt the planned franchise exit, which has a site selected and an agreement in place.

The Tropicana hotel on the Las Vegas strip is where the A's and the hotel company came to a deal in May to develop a $1.5 billion ballpark. In November, the owners of MLB unanimously endorsed the decision to construct the new ballpark. But a lot of challenges may arise before the project commences.

The team is having difficulty locating a temporary home for the 2025–2027 MLB season. The new Las Vegas ballpark's public funding is in jeopardy due to a legal challenge.

There are concerns about the timing of finishing construction in time for the park's planned opening in 2028, as well as the practicality of fitting a dome on the nine-acre Tropicana site.

Oakland may retain the Athletics ballclub, and Mayor Sheng Thao feels similarly

Despite the aforementioned problems and MLB officials frequently questioning the feasibility of the city's proposed ballparks, Oakland is still the frontrunner to keep hold of the Athletics.

Regardless of who owns the A's — Fisher or a new owner — Mayor Sheng Thao wants the MLB franchise to remain in Oakland. Although she didn't reveal the identities of possible purchasers, she said that many entities are keen to buy the club and keep it in the city.

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