Baseball fans astonished as Kansas City Royals reliever Aroldis Chapman strikes out Chad Wallach with a 103.5 mph fastball: "He's so back" "Insane"

Kansas City Royals Reliever Aroldis Chapman - Los Angeles Angels Slugger Chad Wallach
Kansas City Royals Reliever Aroldis Chapman - Los Angeles Angels Slugger Chad Wallach

Kansas City Royals reliever Aroldis Chapman is known for his velocity. In the league, he holds the hardest-thrown pitch recorded at 105.8 mph. His live arm makes for some uncomfortable at-bats for hitters.

It was an uncomfortable at-bat for Chad Wallach, who saw Chapman in the ninth inning. Chapman had Wallach's back against the wall, going up 1-2 in the count. He gave it his all as he released the next pitch, which clocked in at 103.5 mph and sent Wallach back to the dugout.

Wallach seemed to be impressed with Chapman as he gave him a look on his way back to the dugout. Even with Walalch sitting on the fastball, he could not catch up to it.

The ball gets harder to see when pitchers get into the high 90s. Tracking a pitch over 100 mph is like tracking a fly flying through the air. There's little time to react, so hitters have to be sitting fastballs.

One fan tweeted - "He's so back"
"Insane" - another fan tweeted.

Baseball fans are astonished at Aroldis Chapman's power on the mound. His velocity comes from his shoulder and hip separation. His body almost resembles a slingshot when he lifts his leg and throws his weight forward.

The Kansas City Royals would claw their way back and win the game in the next half-inning. Samad Taylor was the hero as he hit the walk-off single. This was also Taylor's first MLB hit.

Aroldis Chapman may be a big name at the trade deadline

Toronto Blue Jays v Kansas City Royals
Toronto Blue Jays v Kansas City Royals

Relief pitchers are always needed at the trade deadline. Contending teams try to add to their bullpen to help strengthen their team for the back-half of the season.

Given how uncompetitive the Kansas City Royals are this season, Aroldis Chapman could be a player the team advertises. Kansas City could get some prospects to help their system if they were to part ways with Chapman.

Chapman recently stated that he would love to finish his career with the Cincinnati Reds. This is the organization that gave him his shot when they signed him to a minor league contract in 2010.

This would be a good fit, as the Reds have been fun to watch with their recent Elly De La Cruz call-up. They're starting to build something special in Cincinnati that some around the league aren't ready for.

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