"Covered in banana fritter mix" - Freddie Freeman's wife Chelsea captures sons Brandon and Maximus' adorable culinary chaos

Freddie Freeman
Freddie Freeman's Wife Chelsea Captures Kids' Culinary Chaos

While Freddie Freeman is kept busy on the field, his wife, Chelsea, and sons, Brandon, Maximus, and Charlie, keep him plenty busy off the field. When the seven-time All-Star takes off his uniform, he becomes an All-Star dad.

Freeman could have some future executive chefs on his hands with his two youngest boys. Brandon and Maximus were recently tasked with making banana fritters, with Mom capturing the action on her Instagram story.

"Covered in banana fritter mix" - said Chelsea.

Brandon and Maximus are Freeman's two youngest sons. If they look similar in age, it is because they are. The two boys arrived six weeks apart from each other in 2020 and 2021.

With the boys so close in age, Chelsea will have plenty more moments like this of these two doing activities together. Not much can get in the way of a brotherly bond.

Freddie Freeman makes the most of his time with Chelsea and his boys

Freddie Freeman and his son, Charlie - Image via USA Today
Freddie Freeman and his son, Charlie - Image via USA Today

Being an MLB first baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers means Freddie Freeman is on the road for much of the spring and the summer. However, he still makes the most of his time with his family.

When he has home games, you often see Chelsea and the boys cheering on their All-Star dad. Recently, Charlie took the field with his dad during Freeman's bobblehead night against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Freeman has been seen giving his son Charlie lessons off the batting tee, and Brandon and Maximus are not far behind either. The Freeman family could have a handful of sluggers on their hands.

It is great to see that even with such a crazy schedule, Freddie can make time for his wife and kids. The slugger is an All-Star both on and off the field.

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