Dodgers stars sprinkle Hollywood magic on homeless high school students during Universal Studios adventure

Dodgers stars visit Universal Studios with children during Dodgers Love L.A. Community tour
Dodgers stars visit Universal Studios with children during Dodgers Love L.A. Community tour

The Dodgers Love L.A. Community Tour started in January 2024, focusing on children and promoting communities across the state. The Bank of America funded the event, which took place at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

The grand finale of the event felt like it popped straight out of a Hollywood movie, to say the least. Nearly half the Dodgers team took a trip to Universal Studios for the entire day, namely, Tyler Glasnow, James Outman, Evan Phillips, Landon Knack, Kyle Hurt, and more.

The team was joined by 30 students from Belmont High School who are currently homeless. Although in the first half, the entire group started together, later on, the group got divided into smaller groups, which let the students bond with the players on a more personal level.

Once they entered the park, they walked to The Simpsons and Springfield-themed area, where everyone gathered to play carnival games that had shoot-hoop games, among other attractions.

The next stop for the group was Jurassic World, where the team interacted with the iconic Blue, the good dinosaur. Many of the players paused to take pictures with it.

"The kids are freaking out a little bit, it’s kind of cool. It’s a good production value too. For a little bit there, I thought it was a real dinosaur. But maybe it is, who knows? But that was also a fun experience" - Dodgers Taylor Glasnow said about the encounter with Blue, the velociraptor

Dodgers Love L.A. Community Tour so far

The tour started with the LA Dodgers' pitcher, Landon Knack, visiting Gabriella Charter School, where the children had a fun LA Reads event. This was followed by a fun-filled and chaotic Taco Tuesday event in the backyard of Dodger Stadium.

As the final event, DodgerFest will take place on Saturday night at Dodger Stadium, which will have a lot more surprises for the local community.

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