Fact Check: Did Ben Affleck stop production of 'Gone Girl' because he was asked to wear a Yankees cap? Red Sox fan's actions, examined

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck's refusal to wear a New York Yankees hat on the set of Gone Girl

Baseball is a sport loaded with history and lore, something that Ben Affleck has found himself becoming a part of thanks to a now iconic story on a film set. It was during that filming of David Fincher's classic Gone Girl, that the Academy Award winner and a New York Yankees hat etched themselves in baseball history.

During a scene where Ben Affleck's character is set to wear a New York Yankees cap while at an airport, however, the die-hard Boston Red Sox put his foot down. While this may sound trivial, Affleck has been a proud and vocal fan of all Boston sports teams and claimed that it would become "a thing" if he was filmed wearing the Yankees cap.

This led to a light-hearted stand-off between director David Fincher and Affleck, who reportedly could not be convinced to wear the New York Yankees hat. According to reports, the dispute shut down production for four days before coming to a resolution.

"Never forget Ben Affleck shut down the production of "Gone Girl" because he refused to wear a Yankees hat in the movie. They ended up compromising with a Mets hat…" - @Thomas_Carrieri

The compromise? Ben Affleck and David Fincher came to a solution, during the filming, Affleck would don a New York Mets cap as opposed to the maligned New York Yankees hat. For those who watch the film, when Affleck is in the airport donning the Mets cap, that is the result of the four-day stand-off.

Ben Affleck's connection to Boston sports has been well documented

The dispute about wearing the New York Yankees cap was born into Affleck, whose family moved to Massachusettes when he was three years old. It was during his time being raised in the Boston area that he fell in love with the Boston Red Sox, Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, and New England Patriots.

He has represented his hometown sports throughout his acting career, donning a Boston Bruins jacket throughout the film Good Will Hunting, as well as a Bruins top in the box-office hit The Town.

"me watching good will hunting and seeing someone in a bruins jersey knowing it takes place in Boston" - @molfully

The actor and director is also constantly seen in attendance at Patriots and Red Sox games. This devotion to his teams makes it easy to see why he would refuse to wear the New York Yankees cap, which would be seen as a betrayal by many.

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