"I did not hide" - Trevor Bauer hits out at fan calling out former Dodgers star for lack of 'humility'

Trevor Bauer hits out at fan calling out former Dodgers star for lack of
Trevor Bauer hits out at fan calling out former Dodgers star for lack of 'humility' (Image source: DiablosRojosMX Twitter/X)

Former Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer continues to attract the attention of baseball fans despite his absence from MLB since 2021. Bauer hit out at a fan on social media, calling out the pitcher for hiding from fans in Mexico.

Bauer, who is playing for the Diablos Rojos de Mexico in Mexico City after failing to attract a major league team for his services in the offseason, shared snippets of his interaction with fans after a game in Mexico.

Although Bauer can be seen signing baseballs for fans and clicking pictures in the ballpark, a fan alleged that the former MLB pitcher hid from fans. The fan felt 'grateful' that he wasn't playing in MLB anymore, as he lacks humility.

"Don't lie here in Saltillo, you hid with Cano... Of course for the reason that they weren't recording you for this reason. Just remember Humility opens many doors for you, even those of MLB. Thank God they are closed to you," alleged the fan (translated by Google).

Trevor Bauer took note of the fan's comment and chimed in with a response. The former Cy Young winner explained that he didn't 'hide' from fans and was instructed by the team to leave.

"I was told by the team where to go. I did not hide. I signed for everyone that asked inside the ballpark. Then I was told it was time to leave. So I went to my car and left. To pretend there’s any more to the story than that is disingenuous."

Rachel Luba defends her client Trevor Bauer

Trevor Bauer's agent Rachel Luba defended the former All-Star for not interacting with fans outside the stadium. Luba cited safety reasons for Bauer accompanying former All-Star Robinson Cano with their security personnel.

"For security and safety reasons, the team has told Bauer and Cano to stay with their security guards who travel with them. However when at the field, l've seen both of them stay for hours interacting with fans and are incredibly generous with their time."

Trevor Bauer is regularly campaigning for his return to the MLB. The ace pitcher sparked rumors after choosing a Houston Astros cap in an Instagram story.

The Astros have been severely hampered by injuries to their rotation this season, contributing to their record-breaking slump to start the 2024 season. Bauer's acquisition could add depth and experience to a stuttering pitching roster this season.

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