"I'm surprised it's taking this long" - MLB insider astonished by Mets' inability to close J.D. Martinez deal

"I'm surprised it's taking this long" - MLB insider astonished by Mets' inability to close J.D. Martinez deal

The New York Mets have been in contact with free agent designated hitter J.D. Martinez for some time now, but they have yet to be able to finalize a deal with the All-Star. This has left some fans and MLB insiders confused by the Mets’ lack of urgency to sign one of the best hitters available.

Former Baseball player Eduardo Perez expressed his astonishment at the Mets' failure to acquire the veteran slugger. Perez believes that Martinez would be a perfect fit for their roster as they require offensive firepower. He also highlighted that a veteran presence in the lineup would motivate the young players and help mentor them. Perez spoke on MLB Network Radio:

“I'm surprised, it's taking this long to get J.D. Martinez on a team after having such a monster year. He missed some of the years unwell, and he still was able to hit over 30 home runs last year."

Perez believes that the Mets are the ideal destination for Martinez, who would provide protection for Pete Alonso and fill the designated hitter spot that the Mets need.

He praised Marinez’s consistent offensive prowess despite his injuries and advancing age. Martinez played his 13th season in MLB in 2023, his first with the LA Dodgers. In just 113 games he hit 33 home runs and drove 103 runs as he batted .271.

The former player also emphasized the importance of Martinez not only in the team’s lineup but also in the clubhouse and during practice sessions. He highlighted Martinez’s impact in enhancing the cage culture, referring to players' approach during batting practice sessions.

‘’But most importantly, the cage culture. Guys around the cage how to be able to practice better, to be better for the game mentally, and physically, and to have a different approach. And J.D. does Apply all of that.’’

What’s holding up the deal between the Mets and J.D. Martinez

According to multiple reports, the Mets have been in regular contact with J.D. Martinez’s agent, Scott Boras. Perez suggested that the decision may have been influenced by financial factors, admitting the influence of Boras in seeking the best deal for his client.

The team is not looking to hire a DH on a full-time basis due to their high price tag. Also, they are facing a 110 percent luxury tax bill on every dollar spent, and are already reaching the maximum limit of their desired payroll for the year 2024.

Perez has acknowledged the complexities involved with the negotiation but he urged both parties to prioritize the team’s needs and expedite the process.

As the new season approaches, only time will tell whether the Mets will seize the opportunity to add a game-changing talent like J.D. Martinez to their roster.

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