"I’m tired of Donaldson. Get him off of the team" "That was clearly NOT intentional" - New York Yankees fans frustrated as benches clear after Josh Donaldson's near HBP

Houston Astros v New York Yankees
New York Yankees fans are frustrated with Josh Donaldson.

New York Yankees slugger Josh Donaldson was once again the center of a heated situation, this time against the Tampa Bay Rays. Donaldson has always played the game with emotions on his sleeve, so when a pitch came up and in, he reacted.

After Donaldson took a few steps toward the pitcher and voiced his anger, both teams flooded the field. Both teams were issued a warning to prevent increased hostilities.

Talkin' Yanks posted a video of the incident to Twitter.

Benches clear after Donaldson takes a pitch upstairs

Josh Donaldson is no stranger to on-field scuffles. An incident earlier this season between Donaldson and Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox led to a Donaldson suspension. New York Yankees fans now seem fed up with Donaldson and his antics, especially given his on-field performance.

@TalkinYanks Maybe he shouldn't be chirping with a .220 average
@TalkinYanks Why would any team hit Donaldson he is an automatic out

If Donaldson were still playing at an MVP-level, the fan base would likely give him more leeway. Since he is not, moments like these become all the more irritating.

@TalkinYanks I’m tired of Donaldson. Get him off of the team. They weren’t tiring to hit him

Donaldson has not been an offensive threat this season, so it is unlikely the Tampa Bay Rays were trying to send some sort of message. The high pitch is believed to be accidental. Donaldson obviously did not see things that way.

@TalkinYanks That was clearly NOT intentional.

The New York Yankees' recent struggles have been well documented. Some fans are willing to try anything at this point to turn things around.

@TalkinYanks Tbh JD best option is to start these brawls get the chemistry and the energy back

While this moment might create a brief energy burst, this team needs on-field improvements.

@TalkinYanks Pauly seems oblivious to the fact that NOTHING will spark these Yankees.They’re in freefall.It’ll stop when their season ends.

This outburst was likely caused by weeks of building frustration, not just this one pitch.

@TalkinYanks After Donaldson acts like a bitch cause he swears people care about him
@TalkinYanks Why would throw at Donaldson? Just throw him strikes, he'll miss em

When Donaldson was acquired from the Minnesota Twins in the off-season, New York Yankees fans were thrilled. Now, they have a wildly different stance.

@TalkinYanks It’s insane how much this man describes a Dweeb

The Yankees and Rays managed to keep the situation from escalating, but it still did damage.

Josh Donaldson and the New York Yankees need this win over the Tampa Bay Rays

New York Yankees v Oakland Athletics
New York Yankees v Oakland Athletics

The Yankees desperately need to string some wins together, especially against teams in the American League East. If Josh Donaldson habitually loses his composure and pulls focus away from the game itself, winning will become all the more difficult.

The Yankees have the talent to be one of the top teams in the MLB, but things have just not been clicking. Perhaps the club needed this show of unity — or perhaps it is the mark of a team that has fallen apart.

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