"It’s definitely going to be wild" "Red Sox are officially a poverty franchise" - MLB fans divided over current American League Wildcard playoff picture with just 2 months left in the season

Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays
Boston Red Sox v Toronto Blue Jays

With just two months left in the season, MLB fans are excitedly looking ahead to the postseason. The wildcard playoff picture for the American League is especially interesting since it features three teams from the AL East. Given how talented the division is, this would not be especially surprising were it not for the Baltimore Orioles' inclusion and the Boston Red Sox' exclusion.

These are, of course, only the current standings and there is still time for things to change. MLB posted a graphic of the current standings for the Wildcard playoff picture to Twitter.

The Wild Card race is gonna get wild. 👀(MLB x @HankookTireUSA)

If someone had said before the season began that the Orioles would have a better record than the Red Sox going into August, nobody would have believed it. However, that is the reality we are in now, with many fans pointing out just how shocking it is. Fans seem more interested in roasting the Red Sox than they are in complimenting the Orioles.

The orioles are in this graphic and the Red Sox aren’t 😂😂…
@MLB @HankookTireUSA @BlueJays @Mariners @RaysBaseball @CleGuardians @Orioles @Braves @Padres @Phillies @Cardinals @SFGiants If the Orioles make it and Red Sox don’t, the Red Sox are officially a poverty franchise

Regardless, there has been a lot of praise handed out to the Baltimore Orioles for their great season thus far.

I’m so proud of the Orioles…

There are plenty of surprises currently slated for the Wildcard round, in both a positive and negative way.

Half of this graphic is unbelievably phenomenal the other is unbelievably embarrassing. #Birdland #stlcards…

MLB fans around the league see tons of potential in this young Orioles team, with some even drawing comparisons to championship caliber teams.

@MLB @HankookTireUSA @BlueJays @Mariners @RaysBaseball @CleGuardians @Orioles @Braves @Padres @Phillies @Cardinals @SFGiants The Orioles are reminding me of the 2015 Astros when they were way ahead of schedule and were 1 win away from taking out KC in the playoffs. Curious to see if they trade anyone at the deadline or try and make a push where anything can happen.

With only two months left until the end of the regular season, fan anticipation for the postseason is reaching new heights. If the Baltimore Orioles are somehow a part of that postseason, excitement will be off the charts.

MLB Wildcard playoff picture has championship caliber teams in the American League

Detroit Tigers v Toronto Blue Jays
Detroit Tigers v Toronto Blue Jays

The American League is absolutely stacked this year. If it were not for the New York Yankees, the Toronto Blue Jays and Tampa Bay Rays would both be deserving champions in the AL East. Having to face a team as talented as the Blue Jays or Rays in the Wildcard round of the playoffs seems almost unfair.

The Seattle Mariners are also a welcome addition to the graphic, as they hope to end their playoff drought. Along with the Orioles, the wildcard round in the AL could feature two downtrodden teams if the season ends today. Of course, there will be another two months for other teams to catch up.

As the MLB approaches the end of the regular season, fans remain curious and excited to see how the playoff picture will play out. With so many teams capable of winning the World Series this year, the Wildcard round could host the eventual champions.

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