"L deadline for the Giants" "Farhan is good at losing players and getting nothing I guess" - San Francisco Giants fans frustrated with team retaining Carlos Rodon and Joc Pederson at the trade deadline

Rodon pitching for the Giants v San Diego Padres
Rodon pitching for the Giants v San Diego Padres

The San Francisco Giants disappointed their fans with their lack of action at the trade deadline. With Joc Pederson and Carlos Rodon expected to leave the team in the upcoming offseason, the hope was that they could be traded for assets. The Giants are not necessarily out of playoff contention, but sitting one game under .500, the odds are against them.

Considering they share a division with the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, a wildcard spot is their only path to the postseason. This made fans feel it was time to sell their stars at the trade deadline and get a solid return for them. All-Star caliber starting pitchers like Rodon do not come along often, making his value sky high.

@extrabaggs Don’t get this. Giants are losing Rodon at seasons end and definitely are not making the World Series. At least get something. Farhan is good at losing players and getting nothing I guess.

Joc Pederson is having one of the best seasons of his career, and was named to the All-Star team this season. His offensive consistency would have been a boon to any team that acquired him. He will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of thie 2022 season.

@extrabaggs 😂😂😂😂 L deadline for the giants

What makes this hurt the most for San Francisco Giants fans is their sense of complacency. The team is likely not going to be a championship contender in 2022. Now with their lack of action, they are setting themselves up to be similarly placed in 2023. It is never acceptible to embrace mediocrity in a professional franchise, and fans are making their voices heard.

@extrabaggs Sad part is,they will walk next year and we get nothing. No way they sign with a rebuild team
@extrabaggs what a freaking waste.
@extrabaggs don’t understand the direction
@extrabaggs So they don’t sell…and they don’t buy…80 wins and call it a day huh
@extrabaggs This is why they suck- get nothing for their assets

With no reinforcements coming to join the San Francisco Giants, they have seemingly accepted being the third-best team in the division.


The San Francisco Giants did not trade their two most valuable assets at the trade deadline, much to the chagrin of their fanbase.

San Francisco Giants hope things turn around in the second half of the season

Joc Pederson is still with the Giants
Joc Pederson is still with the Giants

Seeing as the team kept two players that could leave at the end of the season for nothing, they must have faith in their lineup. Since the division crown is likely out of their grasp, they are looking for a wildcard spot. This will require multiple players to step up.

Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford are two leaders of the team that have been underperforming. Both of their offensive averages are far below what is normal for their careers. If the Giants have any hope of reaching the postseason, the two Brandon's will have to end their slumps.

The San Francisco Giants' approach to the trade deadline is that they are not out of the race yet. If they are wrong, the ramifications for the franchise could be dire.

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