MLB fans led astray as renowned ESPN insider Buster Olney’s social media gets hacked

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ESPN insider Buster Olney’s social media gets hacked

Renowned ESPN insider Buster Olney was left deserted after his X account, which he uses to report happenings in the MLB, was reportedly hacked on Monday. It led MLB fans astray, as Olney's account is one of baseball's go-to accounts for news around the league, and it was taken over for a ride, with the hacker posting fake trade news regarding athletes and other amusing tweets.

Following this, a flurry of now-deleted posts started coming in on the page, with the first few saying:

“What is happening really”
“sorry. I got hacked!”

The hacker initially posted a few videos and unfiltered content but quickly asked who they had compromised:

"I swear to you I don't even know who I hacked, who is this Buster?"

A Yankee fan urged him to tweet, "I hate the Mets," and the hacker just did that. Find the tweets below:

Buster Olney's hacked account's three fake tweets got the baseball world buzzing

A lot was going on with Buster Olney's compromised account, but major attention was given to three fake news stories that were written as if Olney himself was at the helm.

1) Francisco Lindor to the Oakland Athletics

There's no doubt that the New York Mets will be sellers as the trade deadline approaches and important pieces will be dealt with. The hacker used this to persuade fans with a piece of fake news, saying:

“The New York Mets are finalizing a deal that will send Francisco Lindor to the Oakland Athletics, sources tell ESPN."

This got baseball fans worked up, but the information was quickly voided by other insiders who chimed in.

2) Luis Robert Jr. to Phillies

Another trade news item was of the Chicago White Sox in discussion with the Phillies to send Luis Robert Jr. to the Philadelphia Phillies. However, it was anything but correct.

"The Philadelphia Phillies and Chicago White Sox are finalizing a deal that will send star outfielder Luis Robert Jr. to Philadelphia, sources tell ESPN."

3) Shohei Ohtani convicted in gambling scandal

Another completely fake report from Olney's X account made absurd claims about Dodgers' two-way star Shohei Ohtani being convicted in a gambling scandal and that he had been banned from MLB forever. The hacker also said he may serve life imprisonment.

"Shohei Ohtani has been banned for life from MLB, in connection to charges with gambling. His trial is on August 28th, it is speculated he could get life in prison."

It seems the hacker finally had his fill with Buster Olney's account, tweeting:

“I’m deleting everything. Don’t tell Buster what happened, okay?”

For now, all is well with Buster Olney's account, and it remains to be seen whether the insider will further comment on the situation.

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