New York Yankees fans fed up with struggling relief pitcher Aroldis Chapman, hope he will not be in the bullpen for the playoff run: "He shouldn’t be on the roster", "I’m so tired of Chapman" 

Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees
Baltimore Orioles v New York Yankees

The New York Yankees are gearing up for their playoff run, but there is one player that fans hope will not be joining them. Aroldis Chapman used to be one of the most feared closers in the MLB. Now, he is a liability and finds himself digging the team into a deeper hole instead of clawing them out of it.

Chapman currently has an ERA of 4.58, which is by far the worst of his career. He is no longer the closer for the Yankees, now operating primarily in the sixth and seventh innings as a reliever. The seven-time All-Star is now battling for a spot on the playoff roster, one that many think he does not deserve.

The discussion of Chapman's efficacy and spot on the roster was largely ignited by Jayson Stark of The Athletic.

This is from the great ⁦@jaysonst⁩ in ⁦@TheAthletic⁩. There is simply no way Aroldis Chapman throws a meaningful inning for the Yankees again.

The New York Yankees have the second-best record in the American League, behind only the Houston Astros. This has led to extremely high expectations for players across their roster. His struggles have been very well publicized this season, and fans don't want to see them continue in the playoffs.

@YankeesWFAN @jaysonst @TheAthletic Not. One. Inning. He shouldn’t be on the roster.
It’s simple. Leave him off the postseason roster. I’m so tired of Chapman…
I would trust a gas station hot dog that fell on the floor into a spider web before I'd trust Aroldis Chapman in the bullpen.

Aroldis Chapman has been given plenty of opportunities to prove himself this season, but can't seem to break his slump. Whether it is simply a downturn or related to his injury issues, he has not been the same pitcher. Relying on him returning to his peak form in the playoffs would be a big risk for the New York Yankees.

The two things that I am most certain about today are that Aroldis Chapman should not be on the Yankees post season roster and that it is soup weather.
@shell895 Aroldis Chapman deserves the tap on the shoulder to clear out his locker.
If the #Yankees are serious about winning, Aroldis Chapman will not be on the postseason roster.

Many Yankees fans have been calling for a change in the bullpen for a long time now. Chapman has earned the right to try to end his slump on his own terms, but time is running out on him. If he does end up playing and struggling in the postseason, fans will be quick to criticize his performance.

Society when the Yankees announce Aroldis Chapman is not on their postseason roster
Aroldis Chapman get the fuck out of my life. Thanks for the memories. Now go
We’ve all been begging for this since April.…

Fans are relieved that Aroldis Chapman's time with the New York Yankees might be coming to an end.

The New York Yankees biggest weakness is their pitching staff

New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays
New York Yankees v Toronto Blue Jays

With Aaron Judge at the helm, the Yankees have one of the most dangerous offenses in baseball. They have solid depth and a bonefide superstar. The same cannot be said of their pitching staff. While they do have a great starter in Gerrit Cole, he is prone to bad games.

If the Yankees hope to win a championship in 2022, someone on their pitching staff will have to step up. Whether it is another starter or a relief pitcher who comes in for a huge moment, they will need to be at their best.

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