“No he is so good at his job”; “We need him back period” - MLB fans react after Pat Hoberg disciplined for violating league’s gambling rules

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Pat Hoberg has been disciplined for violating league’s gambling rules

On Friday, MLB said in a statement that they had disciplined MLB umpire Pat Hoberg for violating the league's gambling rules. The nature of the discipline wasn't revealed, but the veteran umpire is going to challenge the ruling, per The Athletic, and later confirmed by Hoberg's own statement.

"Gambling" is one word that has been buzzing this season since it was revealed that Shohei Ohtani's former interpreter allegedly placed bets with an Orange County resident. So when this other gambling-related news came up, netizens crashed the internet but mostly in favor of the umpire.

"NOOOOOOO HE IS SO GOOD AT HIS JOB," one fan commented.
"One of the best umps. We need him back period," another added.
"WTF he’s the best umpire," another quipped.

There were some references thrown to Shohei Ohtani and his former interpreter as well concerning this.

"I wonder if Ippei is available to claim this one," one fan wrote.
"Again, use someone like Ohtani's guy who won't snitch if caught. Amateurs," another added.
"Must’ve spent time with Ohtani," another added.

MLB's cryptic statement followed by Pat Hoberg upholding the values of baseball in his statement

The statement that MLB released on Friday was cryptic at first glance. The league said though they didn't find any evidence against Pat Hoberg, they deemed a discipline was "warranted."

“During this year’s Spring Training, Major League Baseball commenced an investigation regarding a potential violation of MLB’s sports betting policies by Umpire Pat Hoberg,” MLB said in a statement to reporters.
“Mr. Hoberg was removed from the field during the pendency of that investigation. While MLB’s investigation did not find any evidence that games worked by Mr. Hoberg were compromised or manipulated in any way, MLB determined that discipline was warranted. Mr. Hoberg has chosen to appeal that determination. Therefore, we cannot comment further until the appeal process is concluded.”

Pat Hoberg has denied his involvement in betting activities in a statement of his own which also mentions him upholding the values of the game.

“I am appealing Major League Baseball’s determination that I should be disciplined for violating the sports betting policies. While that appeal is pending, it would not be appropriate to discuss the case,” Hoberg said in his own statement.
“That said, I have devoted my adult life to the profession of umpiring, and the integrity of baseball is of the utmost importance to me. I look forward to the appeal process, and I am grateful that the Major League Baseball Umpires Association is supporting me in the appeal." [via NY Post].

According to the rules of the MLB, umpires and players are not allowed to bet on any baseball game. Violation of this rule could result in a ban from one season to a lifetime. It remains to be seen what will come out of Pat Hoberg's appeal.

Hoberg has been in the league as a full-time umpire since 2017. He has officiated seven postseason series, including the 2022 World Series. During that series, he garnered praise for his 'perfect game' in Game 2, where he called all 129 pitches correctly.

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