"Oh he's gone gone", "Well, that answer was troubling" - New York Yankees fans nervous after Aaron Judge gives awkward answer regarding his future with the team

2022 Gatorade All-Star Workout Day
2022 Gatorade All-Star Workout Day

New York Yankees star Aaron Judge was put on the spot about his future with the team during All-Star Week. His answer, unfortunately, was not reassuring. While he has been asked this question dozens of times, he was certainly not prepared for it this time. After the ESPN reporter posed the question, Yankees fans who heard it hoped for a more definitive answer.

Starting 9 posted the clip from the interview to Twitter.

“Are you telling me that Aaron Judge may not be a Yankee after this year?”

This is not the answer New York Yankees fans were hoping for, though it is one they are getting used to. Many took to Twitter to share their reactions. Some fans urged Judge to just enjoy his All-Star weekend, while others said they were bored by how many times he has been asked this question.

Just let the man enjoy his All-Star week sheeeesh…
I’m so bored of hearing the many times Judge has said that he wants to stay as a Yankee and everyone goes crazy for this…
@Starting9 Well, that answer was troubling.
@Starting9 Oh he's gone gone lmao
I think there’s a better chance Babe Ruth is on the Yankees roster next season than Aaron Judge 😂…
@Starting9 I respect the intense hardball judge is playing w the Yankees. Time to pay up lol

Many fans took this as an opportunity to try and recruit the current AL MVP to their team. It would be shocking if he bases his decision on a tweet from a Seattle Mariners fan, but they might as well try.

Yeah he definitely wont be a yankee lol welcome to seattle…

Will Aaron Judge and the New York Mets agree on a new contract soon?

2022 Gatorade All-Star Workout Day
2022 Gatorade All-Star Workout Day

Judge was likely hoping that he would be able to enjoy the All-Star game without the topic of his future being brought up. Even on a day that was meant to celebrate the best the league has to offer, his contract was still a compelling story.

Fans around the MLB are hoping that Judge will leave the team that drafted him, especially fans of American League teams who don't want to deal with a stacked New York Yankees roster. The Houston Astros and Toronto Blue Jays are two such fanbases.

Despite the numerous proclamations from Aaron Judge affirming that he wishes to remain with the team, fans around the MLB are expecting a departure. In many ways, this is just wishful thinking, especially for teams that share the division with Aaron Judge.

Negotiations between the two sides have been well reported, with neither willing to go all-in on the other. By giving answers like this, Judge maintains his leverage over the Yankees by keeping his options open. Many fans respect this process, though most of them likely won't cheer for the New York Yankees.

Aaron Judge was surprised to get asked about his contract situation at the All-Star game, but he handled it well. While he could have been less political with his response, any answer would have generated passionate reactions.

The New York Yankees and their fans would love for Aaron Judge to return on a long-term deal. Unfortunately, there has been no indication that that deal will be struck anytime soon.

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