“One of the most bungled pitching decision games in Boone’s tenure” -Yankees fans upset with manager for mismanaging bullpen in extra innings

MLB: San Francisco Giants at New York Yankees
Yankees fans upset with Aaron Boone for not allowing Clayu Holmes to pitch in the 10th

The New York Yankees suffered an extra-inning 7-6 defeat against the Milwaukee Brewers at American Family Field. Joey Ortiz of the Brewers starred, hitting his first career home run in the same game he walked off in the 11th for the win. With the loss, the Yankees slip to 17-10 while the Brewers improve to 17-8.

However, the fans weren't impressed with manager Aaron Boone's late-inning decision in regards to bullpen pitching.

With the game tied 5-5 heading to the bottom of the ninth, Boone brought in closer Clay Holmes, who pitched a perfect inning. However, much to fans dismay, he didn't return to the mound in the tenth. Instead, Michael Tonkin took over, who gave up two runs in back-to-back innings.

Fans took to Twitter and expressed their opinion on Boone's decision:

"One of the most bungled pitching decision games in Boone’s tenure. Horrible," one fan posted.
"Have to appreciate @AaronBoone ’s consistent mismanaging of the bullpen. Committed to the bit," another wrote.
"Tonkin can go 2 innings but your star closer who threw 10 pitches can’t ?" another fan questioned.

Other fans simply mocked the loss, saying it could have been avoided.

"Pathetic loss, pal. Holmes should of stayed in," one fan wrote.
"Horrible job by Boone managing the extra innings," another quipped.
"That was embarrassing. literally what is happening to you guys out there?" one fan asked about this loss.

Aaron Boone defends his decision to hold back Clay Holmes for extra innings

Many fans wondered why Clay Holmes didn't return for the 10th inning despite pitching efficiently in the ninth. Well, Boone has an answer and it has something to do with him protecting his closer.

“I wasn't going two innings with my closer tonight when he's been in essentially half our games," Boone said. "And, especially some of the attrition we had down there in our bullpen, I've got to make sure we keep him in a great spot."
“Baseball, in general, is tough,” Michael Tonkin said. “Still got to go out and do your job.”

The three-game series continues on Saturday, with two teams eyeing an edge over the other.

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