"Paul Skenes winning life rn" "The core strength though" - Fans in awe as Olivia Dunne displays remarkable flexibility during stretching routine

Olivia Dunne
Olivia Dunne's fans showed their appreciation to a video in which the gymnast showed off her moves

As one of the most popular TikTok stars in America right now, Olivia Dunne's every move often comes under intense scrutiny. Recently, Dunne showed her skills by doing what she does best.

In a recent upload, the 21-year-old Louisiana State University gymnast pulled off some incredible moves, including a handstand. In response to the clip, several of her fans began to comment on the video.

"Bit of a stretch," Dunne captioned the post.

Dunne first began uploading content of her gymnastics routines during the COVID lockdown of 2020. Before long, her popularity ballooned, and the New Jersey native now boasts over eight million subscribers on the platform.

Some of those commenting referred to Dunne's boyfriend, Paul Skenes. A former LSU athlete himself, Skenes was selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates with their first overall pick in last year's draft. Although he has yet to make his MLB debut, many believe that the righty ace is on deck for an appearance.

"Paul Skenes winning life rn," wrote one TikTok user.
"Livvy can I cop your gmail?" asked another.
"Yas livvy," a comment read.
"The core strength though," a fan wrote.

With tens of millions of subscribers across her various social media channels, Olivia Dunne is nothing short of a celebrity. Additionally, her fame has been tremendously lucrative. In 2023, it came to light that Dunne had been paid a sum of $500,000 for making a single social media post.

Other comments were as follows:

"Hey Queen."

Though her fame has brought many benefits, not all of the effects have been positive. The starlet has claimed that she travels with a full-time security detail and no longer attends in-person classes at Louisiana State University on account of safety concerns.

Read some more comments on Olivia Dunne's TikTok video below:

More comments on Olivia Dunne's TikTok post
More comments on Olivia Dunne's TikTok post

Olivia Dunne's boyfriend Paul Skenes eyes imminent MLB debut

Touted as one of the top pitching prospects of his generation, Paul Skenes has yet to make his first MLB appearance. In five starts with Triple-A Indianapolis this season, Skenes boasts a 0.53 ERA across 17 innings. Recently, Pirates general manager Ben Cherington said of Skenes:

“We see the pitch mix coming into form, working on efficiency, when he’s using the secondary and starting to build the pitch count up now. Not surprised that he’s having success, but more underneath that, just being intentional about what he’s doing."

It might seem like the journey is never-ending, but Skenes' hard work now is likely to make him an MLB ace before many fans know it.

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