PHOTO: Lance Lynn's wife Dymin shares a cute image with her bunny while going vegetable picking

Lance Lynn
Lance Lynn's wife Dymin shares a cute image with her bunny rabbit while going vegetable picking. Credit: Dynim/Instagram

St. Louis Cardinals starting ace Lance Lynn is on a 10-day road trip, thus meaning he is away from his wife Dymin. Now that she is alone, she got busy with her kitchen garden while being accompanied by a cute bunny.

In the story uploaded on social media, it seems Dymin picked a couple of fresh green bell peppers. She was seen holding the white rabbit around her arms and the vegetable on the palm of her hands.

"What we picked today," she wrote in the caption.
Dymin's Instagram story
Dymin's Instagram story

Earlier this week, Dymin shared an inside moment from their house's CCTV footage, where Lynn could be seen telling Dymin about his upcoming road trip. Dymin initially threw "adult tantrums" at him, which then culminated in a warm hug between the two.

Dymin's Instagram story
Dymin's Instagram story

Lance Lynn's wife, Dymin, shares experience surviving tornado near their house

It was not all from Dymin, as her previous stories suggest that she survived a tornado in her home state of Illinois. She felt grateful to God, whom she believed saved her from the tornado.

"Guys I don't know what I've done in this life but the big G-O-D completely saved us from like a giant Tornado. I'm pretty sure it formed over my house last night. This can be like a three-parter. I am a girly who basements give diarrhea, and so do tornadoes, so the combination of two on top of three kids whilst my husband is gone is just like I was unwell," she said in her story.

Explaining further, she said she received a call from Lance Lynn, who was worried about his family's safety and gave her wife a to-do list to prepare for the situation. She also added that when she was in Lynn's truck, she heard the radio saying, "severe damage is expected."

She received calls from their loved ones asking for their well-being amid the situation. She posted a few stories explaining this with an image to showcase the tornado.

Dymin's Instagram story
Dymin's Instagram story

She finally advised followers not to look at chickens for any kind of indication ahead of a natural disaster.

Lance Lynn, on the other hand, pitched six strong innings (1 ER, 3 BB and 5 Ks) against the Cincinnati Reds on Sunday. However, the Cardinals lost the game 3-1.

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