"So he doesn’t want to win?" "Mike Trout remains delusional" - MLB fans roast Mike Trout after he reaffirms his loyalty to Los Angeles Angels

Trout looks on in another losing effort.
Trout looks on in another losing effort.

Mike Trout has been loyal to the Los Angeles Angels despite the lack of success the team has had in his tenure. This loyalty is something to be commended, but many fans are tired of watching their favorite player lose. He has all the individual accolades anyone could ask for but has never won a game in the playoffs.

In the midst of another wasted season, Mike Trout reaffirmed his commitment to the Los Angeles Angels. While this made many fans of the team happy, MLB fans just want to see the best player in a winning situation. Jeff Fletcher reported these comments from the superstar on Twitter.

Mike Trout has been the best player in the MLB over the last decade. By the end of his career, he will have a claim to being the best of all time. Despite his individual dominance, that includes three MVPs and nine All-Star appearances, the Los Angeles Angels failed to put a winning team around him.

Many see no end in sight for the struggles the Angels face and see further losing as inevitable. Despite the addition of Shohei Ohtani in 2018, the team still has not found playoff success. Trout may believe that things will change, but MLB fans do not.

Mike Trout may be committed to his team for the long haul, but there are many reasons to think nothing will change.

MLB fans want Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout with a winning team

Los Angeles Angels v Arizona Diamondbacks
Los Angeles Angels v Arizona Diamondbacks

At the end of the day, all this frustration comes back to the lack of playoff success. Seeing one of the greatest players of the generation flounder on a losing team for over a decade is heartbreaking.

This commitment to the team is really the only option available for the legendary outfielder. While he could attempt to force a trade, it seems unlikely any team could afford the asking price. With another eight years on his contract, Mike Trout is not leaving Los Angeles anytime soon.

With little hope on the horizon of improving the team, the Los Angeles Angels will need a lot of lucky breaks to be competitive.

Frustrations are boiling over as the fanbase is coming to the realization that there is no end in sight for all this losing.

Many have proposed the Angels trade Mike Trout and fully commit to a rebuild, but there is no indication of such a plan. This quote certainly implies he won't be leaving anytime soon, despite the wishes of some.

The Los Angeles Angels employ two of the best players in the MLB today, and they still don't have a winning record. The superstar outfielder has proven his loyalty. Fans just want to see him win baseball games in October.

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