"So embarrassing" "Dude why did this make me laugh so f***ing hard" - MLB Twitter in splits after New York Yankees fans fall victim to Oakland Athletics ballpark's clever 'Hot Dog' trap

Texas Rangers v Oakland Athletics
A fan celebrates the series sweep with a small broom after the Oakland Athletics swept the Texas Rangers in Oakland, California.

The Oakland Athletics have struck again! Not on the baseball field but in the stands; New York Yankees fans were embarrassed when an A's vendor duped them during Sunday's game in Oakland.

"Hal the Hot Dog Guy," as he is endearingly nicknamed, calls a range of witty chants during games. The Oakland Athletics' vendor has been a staple at the ballpark since 2017. He is known to provide comic relief to lighten the mood. On Sunday, he was able to pull a fast one on the Yankees fans in attendance.

Man in stands at A's-Yankees game just yelled, "GIVE ME AN A. Fans yelled 'A.' Man yelled again, WHAT"S THAT SPELL?

This was another poor performance from the Yankees, who have been stuttering of late. The team managed just one run off four hits as A's pitcher Adrian Martinez was able to tame the offense. The Yankees have a 5-5 record over their last 10 games and have only won one of their previous eight series. Yankees fans may have been looking for something to lift their spirits when Hal came calling.

@Bleacherdave @RandyJMiller So embarrassing…. I bet he thought he was super clever trying to blast us like that 😂
@RandyJMiller Put some respect on Hal the Hotdog Guy's name

With the Yankees lineup getting embarrassed on the field, Hal saw an opportunity to embarrass some of the New Yorkers in the stands. His classic "Give Me an A" chant worked to perfection as fans took the bait.

@wewantmoore1 @RandyJMiller Dude why did this make me laugh so fucking hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@OakStadiumWatch The Yankees will hear the “Outfield Drums” all the way back to NY! And probably Hal the Hot Dog Guy too!
@RandyJMiller That’s Hal the Hot Dog guy, it’s what he does

Per an article by The Mercury News, "Hal the Hot Dog Guy" is Hal Gordan from Chicago, Illinois. The 34-year-old has worked as a hot dog vendor for over 15 years. He started with Chicago Cubs in 2005. Since his move from the Cubs, he has worked with a range of professional teams, including the San Francisco Giants, Washington Nationals, Chicago White Sox, and Chicago Blackhawks.

@RandyJMiller Who are these NY rubes that don’t know Hal the Hot Dog Vendor?

Hal Gordan is also affectionately known by other nicknames including "Hal the Pal" and "Hal the Hot Dog Economist."

Oakland Athletics' "Hal the Hot Dog Guy" has been "one part vendor, one part cheerleader/mascot" at the Coliseum since 2017

Hot dog vendor Hal Gordon sells hot dogs as the Oakland Athletics play the Texas Rangers.
Hot dog vendor Hal Gordon sells hot dogs as the Oakland Athletics play the Texas Rangers.

For those fans who are yet to experience the joys of "Hal the Hot Dog Guy," you might want to catch an Oakland Athletics game this season. Hal is also a full-time student at the University of California - Berkeley. He will be completing this doctorate in agriculture and resource economics next year. Hal is definitely not your average snack vendor.

The soon-to-be Berkely graduate has a cult following among A's fans. Hal even has his own baseball cards and pins. He describes himself as a "one part vendor, one part cheerleader/mascot." His jovial nature is infectious, and it's easy to see why fans love him.

@RandyJMiller Not just any man. A’s living legend Hal! The best hot dog vendor in the game! Next time, order one, with sauerkraut, mustard, and jalapeños, or whatever you like. 😁
@RandyJMiller Not just a man in the stands, that cheer was from our beloved Hal the Hot Dog Guy. Get It right! @AsHotDog

The Oakland Athletics are having a rough season. The New York Yankees usually get the better of the A's. They are 5-2 against the A's this season and have historically dominated this matchup. On this occasion, however, it was the Athletics who had the last laugh, both on and off the field. Well played Hal...well played.

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