"This should be the standard extra innings" "Oh please let this happen" - MLB Fans pumped up for All-Star Game potentially ending with a Home Run Derby to decide the winner

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. at T-Mobile Home Run Derby
Vladimir Guerrero Jr. at T-Mobile Home Run Derby

All of a sudden, every MLB fan around the world is hoping for the All-Star Game to end in a tie. Thanks to new rules that are being introduced in this year's game, a tie at the end of nine innings will no longer mean extra innings. Instead, it will now see representatives from each team compete in an impromptu Home Run Derby to decide the winner.

Anthony Castrovince of the MLB Network reported on these new rules via Twitter.

It's officially official: Should the All-Star Game be tied after nine innings, the game will be settled via a Home Run Derby. Each manager will select three batters to participate, and each batter will get three swings. The team with the highest total after the three rounds wins.

Imagine seeing superstars like Aaron Judge and Mike Trout teaming up to take on Juan Soto and Pete Alonso. These are matchups that are now possible if the game is tied after nine innings. This idea is so beloved, some hope it is adopted for more than just the All-Star Game.

@castrovince @jaysonst this should be the standard extra innings. like the shootout in hockey & soccer.

While it seems unlikely that this would play out in the first year of the rules' existence, that doesn't stop anybody from cheering for it.

The All-Star Game had a wrinkle added to its rule set, and seeing it happen this year would be electric. With so many superstars to choose from to compete in the Home Run Derby to win the game, imaginations are running wild.

MLB Fans hope this years All-Star game ends in a tie just to see another Home Run Derby

Pete Alonso at 2021 T-Mobile Home Run Derby
Pete Alonso at 2021 T-Mobile Home Run Derby

Having a Home Run Derby that has stakes to it is a brilliant idea. While the annual Home Run Derby is a great event and an honor to win, it does not affect the actual game. Now, fans across the MLB are hoping that the All-Star teams will work together to force this outcome.

@castrovince If one team is down by 1 in the 9th, the other should let them have an inside the park HR just to get to this point

While it may be tough for the superstars on both sides to turn off their competitive drive, it would create a special moment. Being the first team to win an All-Star Game via a Home Run Derby is one impressive achievement.

@castrovince @elite_hockey72 They should intentionally tie

Frankly, just being able to debate which players the respective teams would send up is half the fun. It’d time to find out who truly has the clutch gene.

@castrovince @AnthonyDiComo Judge, Trout, Miggy v. Pete, Soto, Pujols

It is not often that a rule change is seen as a positive in the MLB, but this one seems to be well received.

@castrovince The sad part is that this is the best thing Rob Manfred has done as commissioner by far

This is such a fun idea that it hearkens back to playing baseball as a child. When the game was truly only about maximizing fun.

@castrovince Managers should have to pitch like it's coach pitch little league

It is a rare occurrence for sports fans to cheer for a tie, especially in an All-Star Game. While the stakes may be low, fan excitement for a winner-take-all Home Run Derby is reaching an all-time high.

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