"Trading Juan Soto would be the dumbest thing you could do if you're the Nationals" "I'm done with this team if they trade Soto" - MLB world reacts to rumors of potential Juan Soto trade

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
New York Mets v Washington Nationals

Juan Soto is one of the top players in all of baseball and is only 23 years old. Soto has already accomplished so much at such a young age. He is a two-time Silver Slugger and a batting champion, and he has finished in the top five of the National League MVP voting over the past two seasons.


With Juan Soto being a once-in-a-generation talent, many teams will try and trade for the superstar outfielder. Will the Nationals' trade the face of their franchise? Let's take a look at how the baseball world is reacting to the shocking rumors.

Baseball world reacts to Juan Soto trade rumors

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
New York Mets v Washington Nationals

Buster Olney wrote an article earlier today that suggested the Nationals may try to move Soto at some point in the near future.

"Will Juan Soto be traded? 10 X factors to watch as MLB's trade market heats up" - @ Buster Olney

Olney lists a number of reasons why they would do such a thing. He states there is the potential for a change of ownership and the owners may be unwilling to pay Soto the $400 million dollar contract he will be asking for.

Nationals fans are not happy with the news.

"Trading Juan Soto would be the dumbest thing you could do if you're the Nationals" - @ Zach Hemani

One fan of the Nationals said that he would be done with the team if they traded the superstar.

"I'm done w this team if they trade Soto. Done." - @ Jake Sherman

One fan thinks the Yankees need to make a push to acquire Soto.

"If Juan Soto is possibly on the trading block and could be dealt as soon as this summer, then the Yankees absolutely have to try for him. For Juan Soto, nobody in the Farm System is untouchable." - @ Doug Rush

The Yankees would need to give up a ton of top prospects in their organization to even have the Nationals consider trading Soto away.

One Dodger fan thinks that he is going to L.A.

"@Buster_ESPN He's a Dodger Fs. Book it" - @ Franky

Both the Dodgers and the Yankees would be one of the few teams capable of trading for Soto as they both have high payrolls and have two of the best farm systems.

Another potential team is the New York Mets, and one Mets fan thinks the team will land the young superstar.

"@Buster_ESPN He's a Met" - @ Jack

Gary Sheffield Jr., son of former All-Star outfielder Gary Sheffield, offered a potential Soto trade to the Yankees.

"The perfect trade package. Yankees send: Hicks, Gallo, Volpe, Dominguez, Peraza. Nationals send: Juan Soto. Take the whole farm if you want but please make Judge the full-time centerfielder." - @ Gary Sheffield Jr.

If the rumors of a potential Soto trade are true, we can only wonder why. Soto is one of the best players in baseball and has the potential to be a once-in-a-generation player. The Nationals will be making a huge mistake, and you can only feel bad for the fanbase if it happens.

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