"Trying to learn knuckleball Waldron dude from Padres throws" - NFL's Patrick Mahomes takes on challenge of baseball pitch with football

Patrick Mahomes tries to throw Matt Waldron
Patrick Mahomes tries to throw Matt Waldron's curveball (Source: MLB.com and NFL.com)

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes tried his hand at baseball . The three-time Super Bowl champion tried to replicate San Diego Padres starting pitcher Matt Waldron's curveball using a football during pre-season practice.

In the video, Mahomes tried to mimic the exact pitching routine while throwing the football to his teammate.

"I am trying to learn the knuckleball the Waldron dude from the Padres throws"

Matt Waldron is one of the rare pitchers in the big leagues this season who has showcased amazing control over the knuckleball. He has been responsible for throwing over 430 knuckleballs this season. The pitching technique has somehow worked for the 27-year-old starter, and he has made a mark for himself in the Padres pitching rotation this campaign.

The Padres starter is a huge Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes fan. He has been impressive through most of his starts this season for the SD Padres. He is 4-5 on the season with an ERA of 3.76, 68 strikeouts, and 1.23 WHIP. Matt Waldron is 3-0 in his last five starts of the season and registered his most recent win against the Arizona Diamondbacks on Saturday.

Matt Waldron reacts to Patrick Mahomes mimicking his curveball

Matt Waldron was both surprised and honored after watching the video of Patrick Mahomes trying to mimic his dominant curveball in the MLB. Reacting to the video, he said:

"It's kind of crazy. Like I'm living in a different universe."

While speaking about his knuckleball, the 27-year-old Padres starting pitcher said:

"I love it. You know how I love this game. It really isn't about me. [My knuckleball] is just unique. So I'm just embracing it."

Mahomes Jr. is no stranger to pitchers and the sport of baseball. Over the years, he has admired a lot of ballplayers, but none like his father, Pat Mahomes, who pitched in the MLB from 1992 to 2003 and ended up playing for six different teams during that tenure.

Mahomes is also a fan of the same city ballclub in the big leagues, the Kansas City Royals, and admires the talented young shortstop Bobby Witt Jr.; he even reacted to Witt Jr.'s monster home run last month.

Patrick Mahomes has already established himself as one of the most sought-after talents in the game and could go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time by the time he ends his career.

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Edited by Chaitanya Prakash
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