WATCH: Phillies legend Carlos Ruiz receives 2008 WS teammate Cole Hamels' emotional first pitch at his retirement ceremony

Phillies legend Carlos Ruiz receives 2008 WS teammate Cole Hamels
Phillies legend Carlos Ruiz receives 2008 WS teammate Cole Hamels' emotional first pitch at his retirement ceremony; GETTY

The Philadelphia Phillies fans bid farewell to their 2008 World Series champion, Cole Hamels, at Citizens Bank Park on Friday. Hamels wore the No. 35 jersey one more time, as he had the honor of throwing the ceremonial first pitch before the series opener between the Phillies and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

To make the farewell ceremony more special, the Phillies invited Carlos Ruiz, with whom Hamels formed a battery during the 2008 World Series campaign. Ruiz stood behind the plate as Hamels threw the first pitch and the two teammates hugged each other in remembrance of the old days.

Cole Hamels, 40, has not pitched since 2020 and announced his retirement last year. However, he left Philadelphia way before that. After being traded to the Texas Rangers in 2015, Hamels played for the Rangers, the Chicago Cubs and the Atlanta Braves.

However, as the seasons passed, he finally concluded that his professional career had reached its final stage and that it was time for him to make room for the younger generation.

“In Philly, there was going to be a bigger expectation,” Hamels said, per The Athletic. “I didn’t want to taint that. I wanted it to go right. I’ve done everything for this city and they’ve done everything for me."
"You want to give them a good show. You want to be able to entertain. You want to be able to win. And if you don’t have 100 percent going, you don’t want to be a letdown.”

Cole Hamels intends to stay in touch with Baseball

Cole Hamels intends to stay connected with baseball and is considering a new chapter for himself as a coach or mentor in the league. With a 15-year career that boasts four All-Star nods and MVP honors in the 2008 World Series, he could be an excellent guide for young pitchers in need of mentorship.

Although Hamels has hinted at this choice, his first preference will always be the Phillies.

“Anything that I like to do, I like to put full effort in,” Hamels said, per The Athletic. “But I know there’s a learning curve in everything you do. The front office is different. Coaching and teaching are different.”
“Just having the opportunity to look at what I might be good at — where I can add my experience and expertise. They have a great group of pitchers here. This is a great team. So if it fits and there’s an opportunity, I will definitely look at it. But everything has to fit in the right way. I don’t want to step on people’s toes. I just want to be an asset.”

There has been no immediate response from the Phillies' front office, but if their interests and terms align, we might soon see Cole Hamels donning a Phillies uniform once again, but this time as a coach.

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