We asked AI to predict Julio Rodriguez's 2024 season accolade (& its response will elate Mariners fan)

Julio Rodriguez is all set for the 2024 season.
Julio Rodriguez is all set for the 2024 season.

Julio Rodriguez has been one of the crucial players for the Seattle Mariners since his arrival. His growth over the years made him one of the most notable players for the Mariners, helping them reach the postseason in 2022.

Considering his consistent performances, It's time to look at Julio Rodriguez's potential for the upcoming season. We asked Google Gemini to predict his 2024 season, and the response was pretty surprising.

According to Gemini, the Mariners star will be a successful hitter and will likely win the Silver Slugger Award. The talented player has won the award twice.

Google Gemini
Google Gemini

Gemini also predicted that the 23-year-old could have another All-Star appearance. His consistent hitting prowess could solidify his position as one of the top offensive players in the American League.

More awards to follow Julio Rodriguez?

The 2024 MLB season looks promising for the center fielder, as many awards are predicted to follow. His chances of winning the AL MVP for the upcoming season are one of the other predictions made by Gemini.

The AI has also predicted that the star will become a possible AL home run leader and a stolen base leader. Being consistent at the plate gives him a high chance of becoming a home run leader.

After smashing 32 homers and 37 stolen bases last season, the Mariners star should contend for a few awards in 2024.

Google Gemini
Google Gemini

While these are all predictions, they will depend on factors like health, team performance and competition. Staying healthy throughout the regular season needs work for players. Injuries can be unexpected, and recovery can take a while.

With other talented players like Juan Soto and Aaron Judge, staying ahead of the competition could be a challenge. Nevertheless, Julio Rodriguez is a gifted player with excellent potential, so his chances of adding more awards to his collection are strong.

The Mariners have a bunch of talented players, but Rodriguez is one of the best on their roster. After slashing .275/.333/.818 in 2023, he's expected to go the extra mile in 2024.

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