"We can’t hear you" - Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young taunts New York Yankees fans after a 'F*** Trae Young' chant breaks out at Yankee Stadium

New York Knicks v Atlanta Hawks
New York Knicks v Atlanta Hawks

New York Yankees fans are refusing to allow Trae Young to forget just how much they hate him. Ever since he eliminated the New York Knicks from the NBA playoffs in 2021, Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks has been one of the most hated people in New York.

This hatred apparently extends outside of basketball, with fans of the New York Yankees still letting it be known that they are not fans of the star point guard.The MLB has its fair share of villains and unlikeable players, but few that have risen to the same heights, or depths, of dislike that Trae Young has achieved with fans in New York.

The tweet from the Atlanta Hawks superstar can be found below.

😂~”we can’t hear you”…
"We can’t hear you” - Trae Young

This is not a new devolpment for the young star, who has been leaning into the rivalry since its inception.

This moment, in particular, can be pointed to as when he became public enemy number one for sports fans in New York.

One Year Ago Today:Trae Young becomes the King of New York.#TrueToAtlanta
"One Year Ago Today: Trae Young becomes the King of New York" - Hawks Muse

This seemed to only help the Atlanta Hawks, as they played great on the road against the ravenous opposing fanbase.

New York Yankees fans got involved in the Trae Young rivalry

New York Yankees v Houston Astros
New York Yankees v Houston Astros

New York Yankees fans are never reluctant to make their voices heard, and the All-Star NBA player certainly heard them this time, just as he did inside Madison Square Garden.

This highlight package from this season shows that the Atlanta Hawks star elevates his game to the next level when playing in the Big Apple, posted by the NBA on YouTube.


Fans of the Atlanta Hawks are embracing the New York Yankees chanting, seeing it as only improving their young player and making it more and more evident that he lives rent-free in their heads.

Trae Young was already a star. New York gave him a bigger stage and elevated his status. We could never repay you guys.
"New York gave him a bigger stage and elevated his status. We could never repay you guys" - Shayla

Sports are a strange thing, where the only difference between respecting greatness and despising it are the colors that the players wear. In this case, we see an entire city's worth of fans having a rivalry with a single basketball player, but in this instance, the basketball player seems to embrace the rivalry as much as any fan, making for tremendous moments like this.

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