What happened to Mike Trout's wrist? Latest update on Angels star's injury

What happened to Mike Trout
What happened to Mike Trout's wrist?

Mike Trout left yesterday's loss to the San Diego Padres with what appears to be a wrist injury. He fouled a pitch off during the eighth inning and immediately shook his hand and sought comfort. He had to be removed from the at-bat shortly thereafter.

There's currently no diagnosis. It's definitely a wrist injury and it will probably keep him out of the next game or two at minimum. The Los Angeles Angels will test Mike Trout to see what's actually wrong in the meantime. They have already X-Rayed him.

He said via Sporting News:

"I'm just praying the results come back clean. It doesn't feel great."

That admission alone means the superstar slugger will be out for a bit. With the All-Star break coming up soon, he might be looking forward to the rest and rehabilitation.

Mike Trout injury possibilities

It's impossible to know what is ailing Mike Trout at this present moment, but it could be something serious. If he sprained his wrist somehow, then he'll be looking at a three week or longer recovery.

Mike Trout got injured
Mike Trout got injured

Naturally, a broken wrist would be much longer and could put his season in jeopardy. It could be a bone bruise or something slightly less dangerous. He could also return in a week and be just fine.


At this stage, until Trout has tests done and gets all the results back, neither he nor the Angels will know the full extent of his injury.

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