When David Ortiz called out Mike Fiers for snitching against the Astros' at an opportunistic moment

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David Ortiz speaking at Fenway Park after his HOF induction

David Ortiz was very vocal about the Houston Astros' sign-stealing scandal when it was uncovered. He openly criticized pitcher Mike Fiers, who was the whistleblower that ignited the league's investigation into the team. Just like other MLB personalities, David Ortiz felt that the timing of Fiers' admission to the crime was opportunistic.

The Athletic published an article in 2019 that outlined how the Astros used electronic equipment to guess what an opposing pitcher was going to throw. Astros staffers would determine the pitch by stealing the catcher’s signs and then alert the batter about what pitch was coming.

The catalyst for The Atheltic's report stemmed from statements made by Mike Fiers. He told reporters Ken Rosenthal and Evan Drelich about the positioning of a camera in center field by the Astros management. After the MLB concluded its investigation, it was confirmed that the Astros had used sign-stealing tactics in 2017 and 2018.

Mike Fiers' involvement in the incident was frowned upon by many former players. They questioned his lack of integrity and how he snitched on his former team at a very opportunistic time. David Ortiz says that Fiers waited until he acquired the money and fame that came with winning a World Series before he spilled the beans.

“I’m mad at this guy, the pitcher who came out talking about it,” Ortiz had said, according to MassLive. “And let me tell you why. Oh, after you make your money, after you get your ring you decide to talk about it? Why don’t you talk about it during the season when it was going on?"
"Why didn’t you say, ‘I don’t want to be no part of (this)?’ Now you look like a snitch. You know what I mean? Why do you have to talk about it after? That’s my problem. Why did nobody say anything while it was going on?”

David Ortiz supports teammate Pedro Martinez in criticising Mike Fiers

One of the first ex-players to come out and criticize Mike Fiers was David Ortiz's former teammate, Pedro Martinez. He blasted Fiers for being a bad teammate.

“If he was to do it when he was playing for the Houston Astros, I would say Mike Fiers has guts,” Martinez told WEEI. “But to go and do it after you leave the Houston Astros because they don’t have you anymore, that doesn’t show me anything. You’re just a bad teammate.”

Fiers last pitched with the Oakland Athletics in 2021. He has posted a 75-64 record and 4.07 ERA over 11 MLB seasons.

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